How to Download Free Fire Max APK

How to Download Free Fire Max APK

Garena from the past few months was testing the beta version of free fire which can even be termed as an advanced version. As the developers were already aware that the players across the globe are been desperately waiting for the free fire max for the past few months. As a matter of time, they finally decided to roll out the wholesome surprise. As the company claimed earlier that this version of free fire which will be known as max would be arriving with some advanced features such as improved graphics, better sound effects, quite an impressive animation and much more than that. By recognizing each of this improvement been implemented the only reason that is made clear is that the developers of the game are been trying hard to make the gameplay a bit more précised or perfect to meet the player’s expectations. One more thing that should be taken note of is that the gaming enthusiasts will be able to experience the free fire as well as free fire max together simply by using their free accounts. Today in this article we are going to have a brief introduction of the free-fire max version, all its features as well requirements and some more important information. So let us start by understanding what is free fire max.

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What is Free Fire Max?

The free fire max can be described as a revision of the traditional free fire game. The experience that the user will obtain here will be quite identical to the original game. But all this will come in an advanced manner as each and everything in there has undergone an improvement for sure. Better graphics and higher resolution are some of those improved features. So basically, there would be fifty players, an island, hundreds of weapons and only one winner at last. Free fire max is more like an upgraded premium version of the original game. That is designed to deliver an enhanced gameplay experience to all its players. It has arrived with an array of game modes which has been made possible due to the exclusive firelink technology. Apart from this, the game comes along with high-resolution ultra-HD support that offers quite improved visuals in total. The players allowed in here is 50 that are para dropped to a completely deserted island. Players need to down against each other to survive till the very last. The last man or the squad that can survive all these hurdles and series of enemies is declared as the winner of the particular match.  

Free Fire Max Requirements:

To play the game of free fire max seamlessly on your smartphone which most of the player consider in the case of this game. The device must be running on the android version of 4.4 or above with that iOS users can play this game iPhone 6s or above in short. This is a very small requirement. Apart from all this internet connectivity should be stable or that may create some problem around. All these requirements are important to consider kindly do not ignore all this as if your device has anything less than the game would not be supported in the first place. In initial terms, the game of free fire max would not be able to download and install on the device as a whole. Above these kinds of problems.

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 How to download Free Fire Max APK on android mobile?

As of now, all the initial things related to the game are clear so we are moving towards the downloading part which is the final step. Kindly pay a closer look at all the steps been mentioned down below as if anything is missed then all the things need to be stated again and that should not be done in any case. Let’s get started:

  1. The first thing that you are required to do is to head towards the download of the free-fire max zip file for that kindly click the link mentioned below. The zip file has all the important files such as the APK and OBB files.
  2. After the download is been completed you are required to open the zip file and in there you need to press the installation button. Kindly make sure of one important thing that you have already enabled the option of install from unknown sources available in the settings of your device.
  3. Soon after all this you need to copy the whole com.dts.freefiremax folder available in the zip file as that contains some exceptionally important files known as OBB files required for the game to run.
  4. Once the file is successfully copied you need to launch the free fire max game on your device. Kindly ensure that it runs properly. If not, you must have missed some steps mentioned in earlier points.

In case you are not able to install the file kindly re-download the zip file and then repeats all the steps once again. The size of the zip file is around 800 MB kindly take care that your device has enough storage space.

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I hope the information been shared above was useful to all my readers.


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