How to do WhatsApp Marketing

How to do WhatsApp Marketing

There are many times that the people around us have asked this question like do you have a WhatsApp account? I would not be shocked it that same question has been asked to you too. The WhatsApp has gained quite a popularity since the year 2009. The app is intensively used by almost the whole population around the globe. Do you know that there are 1 billion-plus active users every time on this app and new people keeps on adding every second in the count? The app is a great invention one can say as there are so many people who like to use this app for most of their communication with family, friends, colleagues etc. In this article, we are going to discuss the business through the mode of the active app WhatsApp known to be as WhatsApp Marketing. This is one of the common practices in use today. The article will tell you how these practices are mostly used in marketing. By this, the importance can be seen easily. The audience can be reached by this marketing strategy soon as compare to all other methods available.

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There is some knowledge that we must have on WhatsApp before going to the business methods it used for. Firstly, WhatsApp was introduced in the year 2009. The people behind the great invention were Jan Koum and Brian Acton. The two people were the former employees in the well-known company yahoo. As the application started on the small ground but was widespread within no time among all the people and there comes the population who started using it like no other app. The app made its position in the list of most favourite app worldwide and since the year 2017 there was a count of 1200 billion-plus users in all four directions and the number kept on increasing since then. The app gathered a huge population of users which a great tool that can be used in the field of marketing. The target audience will be recognized easily with the use of the app worldwide. The user of WhatsApp is from almost every age groups which give the space of the market to be expanded among an excellent population of people. Apart from this.

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Let’s see some of the important points to remember why WhatsApp has been chosen for the important purpose of marketing:

  1. There are now 109 counties where the WhatsApp application is used
  2. There are around 80% of the users who use this app for their daily work.
  3. The calling and video calling facilities has, even more, expand its use among the active users worldwide
  4. The status function is quite famous among the users and is used extensively
  5. The application is available in many languages as per the current information the app can be used 53 different languages around the globe.
  6. It’s a free app that’s why mostly preferable by a huge group of people around.
  7. It allows the user to share image text and even the videos.
  8. New groups can be formed and video calls in form of the conference can also be arranged
  9. Messages are safe here as they are not erased unless the user wants.
  10. The alerts can be sent for the sale and also for the new events to take place.

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Let’s now see who can we use this app at the best for marketing that can provide us with some sort of benefits at the end:

  1. Make the great use of the cross-platform capitalization. As we now this app is the cross-platform this could help us to reach the people through the social media network. This is one the greatest way we could get the target audience.
  2. The second thing that can be done is to create the broadcast list that can be on any of the specific topics which can serve as two-way communication for increasing the engagement among the people. This can be seen mostly on the platform like Twitter.
  3. The group chat is also one of the main advantages of WhatsApp. Many people are the active participants and that is one of the reasons the market can expand quickly in a virtual way.
  4. As the app is free there is no cost on how much times you put a story for promoting your business. It is available on the various brand of phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and even on Nokia. The app works on your data that’s something very small to be known as a kind of investment.
  5. The app is mainly designed for the mobile user but we can even take this on desktop as there is compatibility option available there. The application can be used to gather a large number of people as the target customer.
  6. Creative offers can be created using this platform. There are many people out there who use this platform for their business as a small starting.

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The above-written tricks are useful when the WhatsApp is used for marketing. There are still many ways that can be followed. I hope the article was a great help to you.


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