How to do Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Affiliate marketing strategy is not new in the market as it has been successfully used by many big as well as small firms in the past few years. The result that the techniques are being brought up is quite amazing and that is the main reason why more and more number of people attracting towards affiliate marketing. As per Wikipedia affiliate marketing can be defined as a performance-based marketing technique in which mainly the business is been nicely rewarded with one and more affiliate each time a customer visits their particular blog or website which is actually created by the affiliate marketer by his own marketing efforts. This method is even one of the most amazing way by which we can earn some extra money by simply implementing affiliate program on our blog or even a website. Amazon also offers an amazon affiliate program that is known to be called amazon associates that mainly allows you to earn 4 or more per cent of purchase that is done using the special link mentioned on your blog or website. This is quite impressive for sure. So, in this article, we are mainly going to focus on how this method of affiliate marketing can be done on the Amazon platform. If you some curious to know about the topic more kindly continue to read further.

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Steps to Use Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Let’s start by seeing each step:

#1. Start a blog or Website

The first thing that is required is to start a blog or a website. As we are already aware that the best amazon affiliates are either bloggers or website owners that mainly add the link of amazon along with the content they provide to the users. This may be articles, stories, vlogs or simply an online store. There are some sites that one can start with such as a blogger, WordPress or any other similar website. Apart from this kindly at your initial stage go with a free site so that it doesn’t cost you much when you are just a beginner. Kindly spend some time designing your website or by adding a different writing strategy. This will surely increase the practice to be consistent for sure. Setting up a site nowadays is not that hard but maintaining it and being positive it the main thing that it takes. Also do not forget to set up direct social media accounts with the blog or website you have. In this, may people will get to know your site more quickly than usual speed.

#2. Post Quality and Unique Content on it

The second thing that a blogger or website owner should take care of is of posting quality content that is needed by the user. If this thing is not followed carefully then you may end up facing a negative response for sure. Original content is also the main need here as just by copying other stuff you are not going to survive or succeed in this amazon affiliate program. Kindly take care of this point. By doing all these things the main thing that the owner receives is trusted by its loyal users or customer. The most important thing in this platform is when the link is mentioned in the site is clicked by the user and the sales are done with the Amazon platform. Many of the times with the content being delivered as a reference for various product that can be used in several things. After being a consistent reader of the platform, many time people consider buying that out of curiosity.

#3. Join Amazon Affiliate Program

For using the amazon affiliate program, the first thing is to sign up using the account. Also, before continuing with the program kindly read the instruction before starting the program. With this, you can see that which all the products are eligible for. Also, there is proper instruction maintained on which all the products are eligible and how can one post to get paid by all the promotion. This Amazon affiliate program provides various kind of rewards like advertising fees, or any commissions that mainly depends on the type of the product that’s linked is being attached. All these fees can also be increased after a certain amount of time like in the time of 6 months or a year.

#4. Start Earning Commission From Amazon Affiliate Program

There is a certain amount of fees charge on joining the affiliate program but this program is even present to be used for free for a certain amount of time. For this, you need to click join for the free option available. In here sign in here using the amazon username and password. Also, kindly enter the official address of payment. Also, kindly take care that you fill in the correct information related to your website, web traffic and web monetization. This is the first thing asked when you fill up for the amazon affiliate program. This is mainly done to verify your identity before proceeding any further.

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There are few other things you can follow such as:

  1. Choose some products to integrate into the blog you would post
  2. Kindly try to post the link inside the website only
  3. You can use the amazon associates site stripe handy. This will lead you the things are done correctly

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All the points mentioned above can be used without having a second thought. I hope it helps.


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