Hotspot not connecting Android

Hotspot not connecting Android

The COVID-19 situation bought almost everyone on their knees and that is the reason people were forced to continue their work by sitting at home in such a situation not everyone has already set up Wi-Fi in their respective home. So, in such a scenario the hotspot is the first possible thing people mainly depend on to continue their work or do anything that requires internet. Also, those people who prefer Wi-Fi may sometimes face some issues with their local internet service provider thus in such situations too we prefer switching on the Wi-Fi and let your work be continued smoothly. But just imagine that there is some issue with your hotspot then according to me many of us will be in great problems. As you would no longer be able to send any kind of mail to your respective clients or attend some urgent meeting going on about work. The problem associated with hotspots not getting connected is been faced by a lot of people lately. That is the main reason people always try to search for several ways through which this very problem can be easily solved just by following minimum steps.

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Also, no one wants to call an expert for this thing as that will be quite time-consuming. Also, the solution that people mainly prefer is those which can be done by almost anyone. This simply means simple steps involved in the process, not the complex ones. Keeping that in the mind this article is going to be about how someone can fix a hotspot not working on android phones. The main reason we are going with android phones is that in iPhone this problem of hotspot not connecting has not been seen yet but in the case of android the active users have encountered this very problem many times. So, without any further delay let’s begin with all the solutions users can try.

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#1.Make sure proper Internet connection is available:

Many android users prefer sharing their hotspot connection to use it in their devices like smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops etc. In such a case maybe the connection is stable but still, if the user is not able to open any webpage, then maybe there is no internet. This simply means maybe your internet data is over or maybe expired as you have been using it on many devices together. So here we prefer you to set a daily limit on your data plan to avoid any such kind of issue. If that is something that cannot be done then kindly go with a data pack with unlimited data daily.    

#2. Turning off the hotspot and then switching back again:

In some cases, there can be a problem in which your hotspot maybe not receiving a proper connection. So, you are required to turn off the hotspot for some time and then try switching it back on. There is an option to do this thing just by going to the setting and searching for personnel hotspot and then turning it off from the scrolling option. 

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#3. Try restarting your phone:

Many of us know that the working mechanism of computers and phones are quite similar. So this turning of process mainly works when your computer gets hanged thus if there is some issue that the phone is facing doing that same would not hurt. Maybe this way the connection is established more properly. After this, the hotspot may work better than before. This thing has been tried by a lot of people and according to them, this works. This is because as soon as you restart it again a lot of bugs, glitches, as well as unwanted cache, will get clear from your phone. So a simple restart may fix your problem associated with the hotspot.

#4. Recreate your hotspot:

This thing simply means clearing your existing username or password and replacing it with a new one. As may be possible somebody else is exhausting your data and you are not even aware of it. Changing the credentials from time to time is quite a good practice suggested by a lot of experts. Do try it.

#5. Turning off the power saving mode:

It might be possible that the hotspot of your mobile phone is showing this issue just because your power-saving mode is on. To switch it on you need to head over to the battery option present in the setting of your mobile. Now after this just tab on the power saving mode and turn it off. Just after this check your hotspot again maybe this time it will work properly.

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There are many other things that you can try such as:

  1. Checking the bandwidth of your internet on your respective device
  2. Checking all the receiving devices that are using the data
  3. Going for factory reset
  4. Enabling and disabling the Airplane mode
  5. Checking if the mobile data is enabled or not
  6. If you use VPN then disabling it


I hope the method given above will help you solve the problem related to hotspot connection.


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