Google Zero Gravity Tricks and Cool Pranks

Google is definitely the most powerful search engine in today’s date and it makes sure that it continues to be so by devising newer and better strategies to make sure that its home page always looks great and better than the rest. One of its strategies to catch the attention of the audience is called Google Zero Gravity Trick where Google webpage looks to be in the perfect position until the user shifts his/her mouse tip in the website. Whenever there is any activity involving the movement of your mouse, all the page components like reasonable dividers, sign-in button, search engine logo, research tavern, research keys, etc, collapse instantly implying an actual gravitational move. Here are top 7  Google Zero Gravity tricks for you to enjoy:

Google Zero Gravity Inversion Mirror


This trick derives a very close resemblance to Google Zero Gravity and is more of inversions reflect where all elements in the monitor suddenly appear to be in inverted position as in a mirror. This Google zero gravity trick is funny and apt to stun your friends.

Test it here:

Google Search Underwater


This is one of the finest tricks which deal with the aqua world having a turquoise shade theme which has many upsides down creatures. In this trick, the Google logo  and the search bar goes completely out of control on tapping into the display screen.

Test it here:

Do a Barrel Roll

One can explore things like Google zero gravity through this trick when you write it in search bar, the monitor instantly goes around as a gun barrel.

Test it here:

Google Sphere


This is another Google Zero Gravity Trick which is very similar to the Inversion mirror trick where when you click at the screen, all the button cursors on the display screen start revolving around the Google brand like the galaxies revolve in the universe. This can rightly be termed as Google zero gravity website where you see superior form of icons rotating on screen.


This is effect which does not give a perfect zero gravity feel but it will tilt Google’s home page slightly. Try it on your PC or smartphone. Type “Askew” or “Tilt” on Google and see the magic.

Zero Gravity


This is similar to the first zero gravity trick except for the fact that it does not have the mirror inversion effect. Here all elements on Google’s homepage start going down as if there was no gravity.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is one of the tricks which can do something that other tricks can’t do, Zerg Rush removes all the contents and elements from Google and lines the PINK colored O’s all together in the center. All you need to do is type Zerg Rush on Google search engine and you will see the magic.

Test it here:

More Google Zero Gravity Like Tricks?

There are many more Google Zero gravity like tricks developed by namely Google Snake Game, Google Pac Man, Google Terminal and Google Guitar.

We all need to lighten up and have fun at times and what better way of having fun than seeing Google go against gravity. You can use these tricks as pranks on your friends and family as these are very entertaining and at the same time they can confuse your friends too.



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