Gmail 2.0 iOS New Design, Support Multiple Accounts, Calendar, Google + Integration & More

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Google has officially announced the release of the face lift version of apps on iOS devices that is included with Gmail 2.0. The latest version has surely created lot of buzz in the market with its much simple and neat User Interface. Google has done well to pack the bundle in a nice that has improved the experience of the user by adding some features like amazing animations, never ending scrolling, and option to add profile pictures while messaging and supporting multiple accounts.


Surprise Update Package :

People were actually waiting for this kind of update because Google was not able to impress the customers with the earlier version and this is really a strong update giving a strong message. With this update the app has become very good that includes many time saving options like auto complete when you type something on search field and the app is integrated with Google Calendar. It is also loaded with Google+ that gives you a platform to be in touch with your friends and post comments through the app.

Access of Multiple Accounts :

The best part is the easy maintenance of multiple Google Accounts and the most amazing part is the ease with which you can switch from you one account to other accounts from the menu itself. You have the option of managing five Google accounts that too every account will have unique icons and status messages.

Combined Effort :

It was actually kind of surprise from the factory of Google as it was not mentioned in any of the websites or blogs. It is reported that the quality and changes in the app is inspired by the work of Sparrow which was taken over by Google, Sparrow was into building new apps for Mac and iOS. Now as both the teams have joined, they are coming with better solutions.

Up With Competitors :

The better part is that the update for iOS comes just after the update of Android 4.0+ that had many new features added to it like easy zoom option, ease to delete, photo previews have become much larger, messages auto-fit on the screen and many more fantastic features. This app is freely available to download and this will give the freedom to the users to have access to any networking sites.

Amazing Features :

The design and the working of the new app are really awesome with spectacular functions. The users will definitely feel the ease and comfort of the app. It has been provide with user friendly interface and smooth running options. Google has given the options keeping the popularity of Android platform in mind. The developers of both the companies i.e. Google and Sparrow have spent some time in thinking what best is needed to boost the iOS, when other platforms are providing good services. The new app has almost everything needed by the customer let it be ease in type the search content, calendar or managing of different accounts at a time with different settings. This indeed is great news for the iOS users.

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