How to get free gun skin in BGMI?

How to get free gun skin in BGMI?

If you want to make it big in the mobile games market, you need free gun skin for your account. Then, of course, you can buy some gold and silver, but you’ll have to spend real money on that. But now, if you know the right place, you can get free gun skin without spending any money. 

“Get free gun skin” is a popular offer in Battleground mobile, and the only way to get this free skin is to download the game, install it, play it for at least 3 hours, then go to, open an account with any credit card and submit your ID. After that, you have to wait for a few minutes, and when the server is ready, you can start downloading the skin.

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This is a simple guide on how to get free gun skin in BGMI and how to complete different tasks to get free skins.

BGMI Event and Milestone Rewards

Battleground India is a mobile gaming platform designed to offer gamers a new kind of gaming experience by combining the features of a game hub and a social networking platform. Gamers can earn points and play free games by referring other players to the forum and sharing Battleground’s brand values and culture with friends.

You are going to receive rewards for joining Milestones. You will be able to get special deals. You can also buy certain items from Battleground Mobile for free. This is because we want you to win big. You can get a great discount if you earn points when playing Battleground Mobile. There are different rewards for each milestone you reach. This way, you won’t have to spend too much money. You can check the crossroads here. You will see that there are different levels of rewards. The higher the group, the more items you can get.

You can receive the reward as soon as you reach the next milestone. We hope that you can get all the tips that you qualify for. We know that it is not easy, but the prizes will give you a lot of benefits. It will be worth the effort you put in.

For every 1,000 points you accumulate, you get a Milestone Reward. You can redeem your Milestone Rewards for discounts on specific services at the Battleground Mobile website. Milestones are one of the best ways to get discounts and freebies. To earn these Milestones, you will have to collect them from Battlegrounds. You can find more details about the Battleground Mobile India event on the website.

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BGMI Elite Royale Pass Skins: How to Get for Free?

A few days ago, Battleground launched the Elite Royale Pass Skins for the new Mobile Battle Royale game, and now you can claim your free skins here. The game is available on both Android and iOS devices. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend checking out the Battleground Mobile Elite Royale Pass page and following the instructions on claiming the free skins.

The Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass Skins are not available in the company’s online store. They can only be obtained through the mobile application of the same. To bring the Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass Skins, you must visit the website and download the mobile application. Once you have downloaded the mobile application, a popup will appear asking you to enter your Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass Account details.

You have to enter your Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass Account details to receive the Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass Skins. Once the Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass Skins are added to your Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass Account, you can then use the Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass to unlock the new Battleground Mobile India Elite Royale Pass Skins and other excellent content.

How To Get Free Gun Skins In BGMI

If you follow any of the below methods, you will get free Gun skins. The best thing about these free alternatives is that they are legit and allowed by Krafton. We’re going to look at each method one at a time.

Tier Rewards

Every season there are some tier rewards such as scrap coupons, gun skin, parachute, frame, etc. If you want to get gun skin, you have to play at least five classic matches and reach the diamond tier. The gun skin of that season will be awarded to you if you successfully did it.

Premium Crate/Custom Crate

If you want some premium set, skin, emote, or anything else that requires UC, nothing is better than Premium Crate or Custom Crate. It’s not certain if you’ll get it for sure because it’s dependent on your luck. However, if you collect Premium crate coupons, you will try it. UC can be used to open a Premium Crate Coupon if you don’t want to waste time managing it.

Classic Crate

It is possible to earn some fantastic outfits, skins, and other things with Classic Crate. There are two ways to open this crate, one is with Classic Crate Coupon, and the other is with UC. It is not confident that you will always get something good because luck also depends on you.

Supply Crate

The supply crate doesn’t have a lot of exciting rewards, but the supply crate coupon will reduce the weight of AG. You will need a lot of AG if you open Supply Crate with Coupon, but only one is required.

Event Rewards

Sometimes gun skin, outfits, and other rewards are included in the events in which you get exciting rewards every month in BGMI. But, of course, you have to complete the given missions to grab those rewards.

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Final Thought

There are two methods to get free skin in the Battleground Mobile game. You can buy them in the store for real money or get them free when you play with friends. The method I am going to explain here is the first one. As I said before, you can get them in the store by buying gems. Buying gems is not an easy task, but we will get a step-by-step guide to get those gems.

This guide will help you get the gems quickly in your BattleGround Mobile Account. So you can get gems quickly from your game without spending money, and you can get free skin with the rocks. So, guys, this is all about the method to get free gun skin in Battleground Mobile.


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