Get DR-H Kurohana Skin in COD

Hey there, fellow gamers! Have you heard about the latest buzz in Call of Duty Mobile? It’s the DR-H Kurohana skin, and let me tell you, it’s not just a showpiece. This skin symbolizes success and might in the COD Mobile world. It’s not just any skin; it’s a Legendary one, meaning it’s super rare and prestigious. Let’s dive into how you can add this amazing skin to your arsenal!

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How to Get DR-H Kurohana Skin in COD

SectionContent Summary
IntroductionOverview of the DR-H Kurohana skin as a symbol of success and rarity in COD Mobile.
Step 1: Elite TokensNeed for six Elite Tokens to unlock the skin; these are essential for acquiring the skin.
Step 2: Legendary StatusRequirement to reach and maintain Legendary status in multiplayer or battle royale for tokens.
Step 3: FocusImportance of staying focused to maintain Legendary rank for continuous Elite Token collection.
Step 4: Right MatchesNecessity to play ranked games, as public matches do not contribute to earning Elite Tokens.

The Path to the Legendary Skin

Step 1: Understanding Elite Tokens

Alright, first things first. To get your hands on the DR-H Kurohana skin, you’re going to need Elite Tokens. These aren’t just any tokens; they’re your ticket to this legendary skin. You’ll need six of them. But how do you get these Elite Tokens? It’s all about climbing the ranks in COD Mobile.

Step 2: Reaching Legendary Status

To start collecting Elite Tokens, you need to reach Legendary status in multiplayer or battle royale modes. It’s a tough climb, but it’s the only way. If you’re not at Legendary level, sorry, but no Elite Tokens for you. And remember, once you’re at Legendary, you need to maintain that level. If you drop down to Grand Master 5 or lower, you’ll stop receiving those precious tokens.

Step 3: Staying Focused

It’s crucial to stay focused and keep that Legendary rank. Don’t let a few losses throw you off. Keep grinding, and you’ll keep getting those Elite Tokens.

Step 4: Playing the Right Matches

Here’s a key tip: playing public matches won’t get you Elite Tokens. You’ve got to play ranked games. That’s where you earn the big rewards.

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FAQs About the DR-H Kurohana Skin

  1. What is the DR-H Kurohana skin?

    The DR-H Kurohana skin is a Legendary skin in COD Mobile, symbolizing success and strength. It’s not just for show; it’s a badge of honor in the game.

  2. How many Elite Tokens do I need for the skin?

    You need six Elite Tokens to unlock the DR-H Kurohana skin.

  3. How do I get Elite Tokens in COD Mobile?

    Elite Tokens are earned by reaching and maintaining Legendary status in either multiplayer or battle royale modes.

  4. Can I earn Elite Tokens in public matches?

    No, Elite Tokens are only earned in ranked games. Public matches won’t count towards this.

  5. What happens if I lose my Legendary status?

    If you drop below Legendary status, you’ll stop receiving Elite Tokens. You need to regain and maintain your Legendary rank to continue earning them.


Getting the COD Mobile DR-H Kurohana Skin is a journey of skill, persistence, and strategy. Remember, it’s all about reaching and maintaining that Legendary status and playing the right kind of matches. So gear up, focus on your gameplay, and soon you’ll be the proud owner of this legendary skin! Happy gaming!

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