Free Fire 0B26 update patch notes MAG 7

If you are a free fire game player then this article has some great news for you. The free fire OB26 update is finally out which is a huge combination of special robust weapons like MAG-7 shotgun, social system updates, there are some unique revised mechanisms and much more than that. From all the weapons that are adding a different kick to the game, the MAG-7 shotgun has its level of popularity and that is the main reason behind it for becoming a most intriguing feature in the recent OB26 update. The update was recently launched on February 4th with some powerful featuring right coming up.

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The feature of MAG-7 is however considered as the firepower of this update and I would not point that even wrong. The update makes a great sense with the weapon up-gradation. Apart from the upgrade in the weapon section there is some sort of things even added in the free fire game. Now few people consider knowing what is so much of the fuss about the MAG-7 shotgun overall. Well, the weapon comes with high versatility which is one of the great advantages as now it becomes more suitable for short-range combats. While one thing that is quite disappointing is that the weapon is not that efficient for the shorts which are over the distance of about 5 meters. Players are sad about this shortcoming of the weapon. Apart from this, the MAG-7 shotgun weapon is available in two modes which are the classic as well as the clash squad modes. Let us take a quick overview of the MAG-7 weapon recently launched in the free fire game:

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These are even considered as the patch notes of the game:

  1. The base damage is about 20
  2. The magazine version is 8
  3. Rate of the fire has increased to 2.0
  4. The attachments are stock and grip
  5. Other attachments are been supported by the MAG-7 shotgun. Some of them are muzzle, silencer and the foregrip.
  6. Well, the is exactly not a very serious need to attach a silencer as the gun is only suitable for all kind of short-range combats only.
  7. According to many players, the use of muzzle on the shotgun makes it quite adaptable for all the players to get used to.
  8. Also, the foregrip helps in keeping the weapon stable which turns out to be a great help to obtain a great as well as sharp grip and of course the accurate shot after all.

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There is a question that has been asked by the players over again and again which is what is the reason that the player should use the MAG-7 in his or her free fire games. Well, I have the answer that will make it easier to be understood by most of the people with this confusion going on. First of all, according to the patch notes, MAG-7 will be something new that the players will be experiencing in this patch. The super high power of this weapon makes it special to be used in the close quarter combat. Simply I can say you are going to handle your enemy with a great weapon with the deadly shot after all. Apart from this in case of MAG-7 shotgun comes with all kind of high fire rates which is about 8 to 12 bullets which is a lot if recognized and used properly. As it mainly builds for the close-range combats but it’s even effective to provide significant damage in the mid-range duels.

The recommendation, however, remains mostly for close combat only. Many players have significantly changed their choice of a weapon from the M1014 which has the slow-firing range to the higher firing range MAG-7 at its best. More damage can be caused to a person with MAG-7 in a very less time. This is something that adds a bonus in a fight. Players must note that the damage done by this gun is much more compared to all the other types of guns present in the free fire game overall. So, if a player is capable of maintaining a high firing accuracy that is possible with MAG-7 that you must try it for sure.

Let’s see some patch updates now:

#1. Clash squad:

The ranked season 5 in the free fire game will be starting from 5th of February. Now the players will be obtaining the golden MP5 for all kind of reaching for the gold III and even above than that.

#2. Map-based store:

There would be two stores mainly present on this basis. The two sets store Bermuda store and Kalahari store. There are even new things available in the mystery box.

#3. Vending machine update

Vending machine update is done. In this, the item and the specific price is been updated as per the preference of the players.

#4. Updates in Training Grounds

There are even changes made in the training grounds


The game of free fire updates is quite amazing to be discovered in the first place. I hope my readers enjoyed the article.

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