Features & Download Heroic Magic duel MOD APK

Today in this article we are going to discuss the Heroic Magic duel MOD APK. This an application mostly termed as strategy android game. This game has been installed in more than 1,000,000 plus devices to date and is still counting. Therefore, this is highly possible that you end up making a lot of new friends belonging to a different location using this application of the game. Apart from this any of the application that is being hosted on the xDroidApps has the age restriction being linked with it. Well, the recommended age that is seen in the Heroic – Magic Duel MOD is 3+ years. From time-to-time, various websites present online takes the votes from the user side to observe which application or simply game is being liked the most. The heroic magic duel game was able to grasp the votes of around 4.4 out of five in the recent voting conducted. The short review of the game is been liked by a lot of people it goes something like this.

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The Arena is calling you, Heroes! Build the ultimate deck of Minions and Spells and dominate your way to glory in this epic real-time PvP battle game. 

Apart from this, there are many websites present online that organize a contest to know which game is popular among the player in the present time as this increases the chance of getting to know their will as well as their interest. In this game, it is believed that the player needs to conquer the heroic universe by parts and parts also known to be arena by arena and then deal with as much destruction as required against all the possible heroes. The main strategy here is to collect as well upgrade an unstoppable army of minions and then round off all your strategy in a well-fashioned manner with the combination of the perfect set of spells. They think required here is constant determination and a lot of practices of course.

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Features of Heroic Magic duel MOD APK

Let’s now see all the important features that make this game liked by a lot of players:

  1. The first thing is of course the fact that here you are eligible to build your army. This is more nicely-known as getting battling as in here 500 plus minions are waiting to be unlocked. This is from the most brutal wizard to the cunning beast. The choice here is all yours kindly choose based on your playing style.
  2. The second thing is to create deadly combos. All you need to do here is to build your brains and muscles. Just you need to combine your minions with all kind of powerful spells in a kind of a deadly plan. You can build the rush desk, play for a long game or come up with your battle technique kind of unique way to proceed further. The choice is all yours but kindly keep the eye on the opponent deck so that is any possible scenario you do not have to miss any chance for a perfect counter.
  3. The third thing is to power up the minions you have. In this way, you will be able to defeat all other heroes without any second doubt. As soon as you win you are capable to obtain all the powerful resources in need. Kindly take care to upgrade your deck to maximum level. Make a note of this.
  4. The fourth thing is to crush all other players present in the game. This will be more like a real-time battle against all the other players.  
  5. The fifth thing that should be done is to smash monster bosses in the way. This will even provide you with great rewards. Kindly try to conquer the solo mode before you jump into the very guild mode.
  6. The six things to be done is to conquer all the epic events. There is always something amazing in the heroic universe and you must always consider exploring it somehow.
  7. The seventh thing that should be done is to start the exploration of the new world. In such scenarios, you will be moving one step closer to the new stunning arenas to be explored. Get the ranks by using all you have. In such a manner more minions and more reward will be always waiting for you.
  8. The last thing to do is to be heroic and so do join the community. In there you will be able to grasp a lot of knowledge about strategies, tips as well as many tricks.

Download Heroic Magic duel MOD APK


  1. Kindly download the APK file on your mobile
  2. Install it by giving all the necessary information and then run it
  3. After that enjoy it

  Desktop or laptop:

  1. Download the available APK file on the PC or laptop.
  2. Run the emulator of your wish
  3. Install it and then you are all ready to enjoy it
  5. Use the below link:
  6. link: https://androidimod.com/download/9567/com.nordeus.heroic


All the information above will surely help you with all the things you need.

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