Most Effective Link Building Methods in SEO and Digital Marketing

What are the effective link building methods which can contribute for better SEO of your blog or website. Why is is it so important for better search results positioning ( SERP ). Is it important in order to get better pagerank. I think link building is important for each and every step you put forward for better blogging.

Remember that PR never play any importance in your SERP. So if you are building links to get better PR, thinking it would help you get better position on search results, then you are completely wrong. My suggestion is to write articles for your readers and visitors, instead of thinking for Google search bots and other web crawlers.

Most Effective Link Building Methods

Below I am going to share my 5 personal strategy of SEO link building. They all are simple and is used by almost every Internet marketers but is still neglected by many blogger and webmasters.

Internal Linking

Blogging means sharing of your thoughts in written way. But today it has evolved as one of the best place to make money online. Since every blogger tries to present the best content on his particular niche, he also tries to link to other sites or internal pages so that reader could get better knowledge. This process is simply known as internal linking and outgoing links.

Why its so Important : Internal linking is really important when you want to make maximum from each of your reader or visitor. Internal linking involve and bind your visitors around your topic. They keep moving from one page to other in-order to get better information.

This not only affects your income from banner ads or AdSense, but also keep the continues flow of web crawlers ( Google bots, Yahoo search bots ) to your old articles. Try to request your visitors to leave comments for old articles. This will refresh your article and will present it as an updated version in front of web crawler and search bots. This helps your old posts to be in better position in search results for longer period. So indirectly it really helps your SEO, but its not on-page Search Engine Optimization.

Remember that you always make your outgoing links as nofollow, since with them your are giving your thumbs-up to that blog. Always try to include at-least one link to internal pages and if possible try to link two pages. But its important to use better keywords. Keyword should match to your internally linked pages topic so that it looks natural and also help in your SEO.

Article Marketing

Do you think it still works. I will say yes. I have made one complete article on it. You can check it here : does article marketing still works. I am not the only one who says it still works. You can search on Google for it. Actually this topic has became one of the biggest search on Google nowadays.

Every one wants to know new methods of SEO link building after Google launched Panda. But I am damn sure that article marketing will never die. But it can even harm you if you try to spam all around. Actually the most important step in article marketing is writing SEO articles which are not only well optimized for search engines, but also for human beings. Then only you might see some real profit from this marketing strategy.

Guest Posting Is Perfect Link Building Strategy

With guest blogging you not only get exposer to thousands of visitors but also get free quality dofollow backlinks to your blog or website. Guest blogging has became really popular after Google updates and it used by almost every internet marketer.

Guest blogging allows you to get more quality readers, generate more income, get subscribers and also to get more social authority. Since many of the visitors may follow you on twitter, give a like to your Facebook page, join your group in Google plus and many more. Finally such quality backlinks can help you build better domain authority, which will help you future proof your website.


This is another most used way to get free quality backlinks. But today almost 96 percent of websites and blogs are nofollow. So finding a dofollow blog is really difficult and getting your comment verified in those blogs is much more difficult. I will suggest, to do guest blogging instead of doing commenting, though it may give you daily visitors, but then you will have hard time finding them.

Alternatively I will suggest you all to find perfect dofollow commentluv enabled blogs. They are best way to build links to your latest posts, to show you social profiles and to get more free referral visitors.

Social Media Opportunities

Social Media is one of the perfect method to increase your online presence fast and easily. Its easy, help to communicate with unknown, friends and family members. Finally its one of the most evolving place on internet and the vision is unstoppable.

Actually every three among the five peoples who have access to internet is connected in some kind of social activity. In simple terms networking is help us understand the society in different manner and in the same way it can help you build quality backlinks.

These types of website usually have high PR, Domain authority and millions of users. Thus they are one of the most important place to seek for link building opportunities and many marketers are successful in doing so.

So go ahead and become social.

Important Link Building Techniques

Here are the few tips which you should consider for an effective link building. Try to perform them and make a research.

  • Get at-least one backlink from .gov or .edu domain names. If you are married and have children studying. Then their school must have some kind of domain name. They must be allowing their students to build their own webpages. Motivate you child to create a webpage and get a back-link from their to your domain name.
  • Never ever get involved in link schemes.
  • Never buy links from any website or web service.
  • Never use bla!kh?t ways to generate backlinks.
  • Perform your task of link building slowly and naturally.
  • Try to post articles on web2.0 sites. Sites like squidoo, hubpages, weebly etc.

I wish my tips will be helpful to you all. There are many other ways to build quality backlinks to your website, but these are few of the most important strategy which always works.

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  1. Well, Building links is one of the many techniques used in search engine optimization ( SEO), because links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. Pages with more backlinks also tend to get higher rankings. However, there’s a good way and a wrong way to create links to your web. Thank you for sharing .

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  3. Indeed, Building joins is one of the numerous strategies utilized in website improvement ( SEO), in light of the fact that connections are a sign to Google that your webpage is a quality asset deserving of reference. Pages with more backlinks likewise will in general get higher rankings. Be that as it may, there’s a decent way and an incorrect method to make connections to your web. Much obliged to you for sharing.

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