Dropshipping Vs Affiliate Marketing

In the past few years, there was the introduction of two popular and most profitable ways in which money can be earned? The first one is dropshipping and the second one id known to be affiliate marketing. Those who have recently started using the digital marketing field will be confused between the two methods in finding which one is more profitable. In this article, we are going to discuss these two methods including their advantages, disadvantages and which one to choose from two. So, if you are someone who seeks the answers kindly continue to read. At the first point, I will talk honestly with you guys that both dropshipping and affiliate marketing requires some hard work to start with as mostly it has been recognized that people who enter the digital marketing platform often consider that only by making a website and then streaming the income will popping out their business in no time. Well, this is not the story here because to run a business online there is consistent efforts are required as the method can just be helpful but to use it properly will be deciding the main thing that whether your business is going to take place or not.

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Let’s start the comparison:

Understanding Dropshipping:

  1. In the method of dropshipping, you are not required to have the store inventory or the shipping of the product.
  2. As in here you just need to get orders and make the profit arbitrage. Here the amount of profit that you make is the selling price minus the wholesale price.
  3. Here you are eligible to sell the product which is not present in the store but as soon the customer pays the amount you can place the order from the manufacturer.
  4. Also, in this method, you are responsible for all the customer support
  5. As you are here earning by arbitrage thus are eligible to imply your price
  6. You are getting repeat orders from various constant customers
  7. You are the owner of customer data
  8. There is full control over dropshipping offers that are made available for and by you.
  9. There are chances that by making use of this method you can turn your business into a fully-fledged business.

Advantages of Dropshipping

  1. In this method, there is no barrier for the entry
  2. There are a number of opportunities made available through which one can earn
  3. This is easy to scale in the very first place

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

  1. There is so much time that has to be given so that customer care can be taken care of
  2. There is very less control in the process of shipping
  3. As there is less price offered sometimes overcrowded niches are caused

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Understanding Affiliate marketing:

  1. In the methods of affiliate marketing, you need to refer a customer to the other customer. This may be someone related to another business as well and thereby there maybe even demand of some amount as commission.
  2. Here the amount of profit that you make is purely based on the product you can sell. Also, the commission is mainly paid on the monthly basis.
  3. In here whenever any potential customer clicks on the link of your affiliate marketing which is mainly present on your website. Then soon after that, they are redirected to the merchant website. In there the payment is being processed and the receipt is being generated. Apart from this the affiliate tracking cookie on the particular browser is present there but only for a limited period.
  4. Also, in this method, you are not the one who is responsible to handle the customer support or anything else that is related to customers and the store.
  5. There is always the saying that the affiliate market grows with time but the fact remains the same that they are always considered as dependent.
  6. An affiliate marketing is more like a one-off transaction.
  7. There is even do not have to worry about all the offers made available to you as that is not a part of your job
  8. You are not required to deal with the customers
  9. As an affiliate marketer, you are more dependent on all the type of retailer or manufacturer who has hired you to promote their product.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  1. This method is free to enter
  2. This is also considered the great way to earn passive income
  3. There is no customer support is required here

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

  1. This is commission based more precisely
  2. The payment can be delayed over time
  3. The people or customers can easily remove the affiliate links

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Which out of the two is more profitable to be used?

Affiliate marketing can be a great idea for a beginner who doesn’t want to mingle with all the customer trouble. Apart from this many people believe that dropshipping is a lucrative option able till time. Also, the dropshipping method will be making you earn a lot of money as compared to affiliate marketing. Also, the use of Facebook ads and google ads to boost the business on a high scale.


Both the methods mentioned above are having their advantages as well as disadvantages. The one which has more profit depends upon the choice of the marketers.   

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