Why Downsizing Your Email List Will Improve Your Productivity

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Like anyone else who owns an email account, you are probably bombarded by promotional emails disguised as “newsletters” everyday. From GRQ (get rich quick) offers to viagra online – heck, you may be receiving at least 50 emails you never care to read every day.

Do you have to squander on a pile of email messages to find the mail you’re interested in? Chances are, you’re losing at least 30 minutes of your time just to even open up the mail you’re interested with.

If you’ve started ignoring the newsletters or email lists you’re subscribed to or if you never even read a single message from a certain newsletter, perhaps it’s time to do yourself a favor by unsubscribing to email lists that are nothing but time wasters as they only clog your inbox without really delivering real value to you.

I personally am subscribed to a lot of different email lists, most of which I don’t even remember signing up for. The web of course if filled with people and companies who are in the business of selling our information so if you’re wondering how some self-proclaimed guru got into your inbox without your “permission”, it could only mean two things. You either subscribed to his list or forgot it or some dude you’re subscribed to shared your email for a monetary return.

As you know, subscribing is easier than unsubscribing, but fiddling through your inbox and manually unsubscribing to probably a hundred email subscription is a pain in the butt and will probably take you two weeks to accomplish your goal of a fresher, cleaner and stress free inbox.

Luckily you can automate bulk email unsubscribe process with Unroll.me. It’s a free (as of this writing) batch email unsubscribe software that will clean up your inbox and eliminate all unwanted email subscriptions in a snap.


What it does is sift through your inbox and returns a list of all your email subscriptions. As you can see, I’ve got 192 subscriptions. Imagine having to squander through my inbox to manually unsubscribe from all these good email newsletters I’m subscribed too.

After finding all the newsletters, it will present you with a list from where you can unsubscribe with one click as below.


If you’re not sure that you want to unsubscribe from a certain email list, you have to option to keep it or roll it up to Unroll.me so it frees up your inbox anyway.

Basically, that’s the fastest way to a cleaner inbox!

And now that you have a cleaner, clogged-free inbox, email checking will be a breeze – no more squandering!

Another way you can increase your productivity is to organize your emails by tagging them, this way, you don’t have to search every time you need to go back to a certain email.

Tag your inbox by sender so all your communication with a certain person or company are organized in one folder which makes them easy to find, which you know is a time saver

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