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Imposter solo kills MOD APK is a fun and exciting game which was launched in the gaming world a few months back. Since that the game has acquired a lot of support from many players around the globe. There were even several videos made on the famous platform YouTube about the game, its features, gameplay and also in some videos famous players have played this game with their friends or family. This has uplifted the game to great heights. This is a puzzle game that comes with quite attractive three-dimensional graphics. There is a little amount of action is noticed in this game which makes it loved by a lot of players. A lot of players have noticed the gameplay of this game quite similar to the game known as Among Us. This game was developed by EIC games Australia in which the player participates in an adventure with its crew member to explore and be alive in the spaceship.

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Let’s see the summary of this very game:

NameImposter Solo Kill
PublisherIEC Games Australia
Size90 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureYou can grab the rewards without watching the ads used mainly for promotion.

 The new game for puzzle lovers is often the nickname given to the imposter solo kill game in the gaming world. The mission design within is simple to understand as in here the player needs to execute all the crewmates who is with him in the spaceship. So that at last you are the only one to survive. The player who kills all other crewmates is known as the imposter. While killing others one thing must be taken care that nobody can catch you while killing anyone as at that moment the game will turn totally against you. The role of the imposter is considered as the most important as well as interesting role to play and many players wish to get the change to be an imposter once in a game. If the player who is an imposter wants to win then must act fast, make a quick decision, should sharp enough so that is not caught. If any other player is successful in finding out the imposter than the side of the crew wins and the imposter loses the chance of winning the game. Also, the imposter is one to kill all while the crewmates are few to find who is the imposter, in some levels there can be two imposters at the same time. Also, as this game is a puzzle game its always provide the players to think properly and expand their zone by giving them different situations at different points. Yes, this is of course true that the mechanism behind both the games imposter solo kill and among us is identical. However, in this game, the players will be able to explore a lot of levels each one difficult from the earlier one. Well, this adds the extra spice here as if there are no challenges in the game the players would not find it different to be explored a tried once.

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The imposter has few things that are fixed to be done. Firstly, move around the ship, kill the crewmates as soon as possible and at last sabotage the objects found while exploring. This game starts with the spaceship which is been set to explore the space world.

You are always in the role of an imposter playing with few other players who are called crewmates who are appointed to accomplish various other tasks in the spaceship? There is a requirement for logical thinking in this game as it matters a lot which step is taken at what time and will that step take you forward or not. 

Features of Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK

Now let’s check out some of the important features of this imposter solo kill MOD APK:

  1. The controls are quite easy to facilitate
  2. It can so time even be played with a hand when the p[layer is busy with something else
  3. The download is free. Thus, can be enjoyed without paying any charge
  4. Various challenges within the game make it interesting to explore

How to Download Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK

The steps involved in downloading and installing the imposter solo kill MOD APK:

  1. Firstly, check the memory of your device
  2. If memory is available kindly go to the official page
  3. Click on the download button
  4.  Download the file
  5. Wait for a few seconds so that the APK file is downloaded properly
  6. Install the APK file by giving relevant permissions
  7. When the file is installed kindly open and check
  8. Enjoy the game

Let’s see what’s is new about this game:

  1. This game is capable of fixing the bug.
  2.  You play new levels each time.
  3. All the necessary features can be updated from time to time
  4. It is a completely fixed game without any issue


The game is quite interesting to play kindly try. I hope the article was useful to my readers.


Q: What is Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK?

A: Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK is a puzzle game developed by EIC Games Australia, in which the player takes on the role of an imposter on a spaceship and needs to kill all the crewmates without getting caught.

Q: What is the difference between Imposter Solo Kill and Among Us?

A: Imposter Solo Kill has a similar gameplay mechanism to Among Us, but it has more three-dimensional graphics and fewer players can participate in each game. Additionally, Imposter Solo Kill is a single-player game, while Among Us can be played with multiple players.

Q: How can I download and install Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK?

A: To download and install Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK, follow these steps:
Check the memory of your device.
Go to the official page and click on the download button.
Download the file and wait for a few seconds.
Install the APK file by giving relevant permissions.
Open and check the file.
Enjoy the game.

Q: Is Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK free to download and play?

A: Yes, Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK is free to download and play, and it also offers in-game rewards without watching ads.

Q: What are the features of Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK?

A: Some of the features of Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK are:
Easy-to-use controls
Can be played with one hand
Free to download and play
Various challenges to keep the game interesting

Q: What is the objective of Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK?

A: The objective of Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK is to be the only survivor on the spaceship by killing all the crewmates without getting caught.

Q: Can Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK be played offline?

A: Yes, Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK can be played offline once it is downloaded and installed on your device.

Q: Is Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK a fixed game without any issues?

A: Yes, Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK is a fixed game without any known issues or bugs, and all the necessary features can be updated from time to time.

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