Different Types of Web Hosting Services

Types of web hosting services

If you are planning to start your business online, definitely you require a web hosting package where you can host your website. Starting up with different web hosting types and platforms might be a bit confusing for a beginner. Here in this blog post I am mentioning what are the different kinds of web hosting services and which one is ideal for you. I will provide you the basic idea of different packages so that you will have better understanding of the concept. After reading this article you will be able to choose the perfect web hosting service for you.

In fact there are two major web hosting platforms where your website or blog can be hosting i.e. Windows and Linux. Windows platform is for the sites that are built on .asp or .net language. For other languages such as .php we do have Linux based web hosting platform. Few of the applications works best with Linux platform such as wordpress.

Now let’s go further and identify the different types of web hosting services that different web hosting companies in the world offering .Which one is most suitable for us depends upon our web hosting requirements. Initially if you do have less traffic and your online business is not full furnish, you can go for cheap and affordable hosting packages and once you feel the flow of visitors is increasing, you can go up with your web hosting plans. Here is the list of different types of web hosting services from which you choose the best one for you.

We do have different types of web hosting services in the world and one can choose the types of web hosting services as per their requirements. The different types of web hosting services can be classified as shared web hosting services, reseller web hosting services, Grid or Cloud hosting services, Virtual private servers, dedicated servers, colocation servers and self-servers.

You can find  different web hosting companies in the world offering different types of web hosting services as follows:

#1. Shared Web Hosting Service:

Shared web hosting as the name implies means that your website will be host on a server where the space is shared by the other websites as well. The main advantage of using shared web hosting is that you can avail the most affordable and cheapest web server as the costing of this server also shared by all the websites hosted on shared server. The price range for shared server cost can be around $5 to $10 dollars per month.

The major disadvantage of a shared server is that your site is being affected by the other websites hosted on the same server. If there is any site on the server that has poor branding can affect all other sites also. So, even if you do have a well reputed site with poor branded site shared on the same server that can affect your branding as well.

#2. Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is also similar to shared hosting with an extra feature that can help resellers to sell the space. Here the power comes in hand of reseller and he can host any website according to his wish. Reseller packages has some extra benefits as well as you would have web hosting manager from where you can assign space to the website owners , control panel of each website from where the existing clients can see the statistics of their website, billing software to generate invoices, content management systems such as wordpress, drupal etc.

With Reseller hosting plan one can download free templates and make websites by their own. And one of the major benefits of the reseller hosting is that you can have private name servers for your company which makes branding. Reseller hosting can be availed at the cost of nearly about $15 to $50 dollars depending upon what features you want get and what are your requirements.

#3. Grid/ Cloud Hosting:

Grid/ Cloud Hosting is a new and innovative hosting service that combines hundreds of web servers together and create one big giant server. The idea behind this technology is that the web hosting companies can add more features to the cloud or grid whenever there is an extra requirement of it. The price range of cloud or grid computing packages depends upon your requirements and how much you are using?

#4. Virtual Private Server (VPS) :

Virtual private servers or VPS are privately owned servers that share one physical server but operational in different servers. VPS is actually a mid-way of between shared and dedicated web hosting. Price range of VPS is approximately $50 to $200 dollars per month and the pricing also depends on the guaranteed CPU & memory (RAM) you get.

#5. Dedicated Servers:

When you are planning to hire the dedicated server means you are renting a server that is dedicatedly yours own physical server and you have full control over it called “root permissions in Linux”. Price range of the dedicated servers can be $100 dollars or more per month.

#6. Colocation Servers:

Colocation Servers refers that you are renting rack space from data center. Here it means that you have your won server hardware and you will be provided with power backups, physical security and internet. This means in Colocation servers you’re yourself responsible for the software, data storage, processes, backups of clients etc. If any of your system fails you are responsible for it and you have to get your server always up, storing the backups, etc.

#7. Self – Servers:

This is the ultimate hosting service plan as here you buy the servers, installed it and also configures the same to make it effectively run.

Conclusion: Different users can use different types of web hosting services all over the world as per their requirements and needs and they can choose the best web hosting service providers in the world as well. You can opt web hosting service providers and thus can also choose the server according to your needs and requirements. Shared web hosting is affordable and if you are a start-up than you can start with shared web-hosting and thus can switch to other modes of hosting as per your requirements.


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