CoD: Season 4 Reloaded brings 200 players

CoD: Season 4 Reloaded brings 200 players to Verdansk

As of Tuesday morning, June 30, 2020, the “Reloaded” update for the fourth Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season is available! In addition to a new operator called “Roze”, the patch also brings the new multiplayer map “Cheshire Park” into play. But that’s not all. The most exciting news is still waiting.

So fans of the classic Call of Duty multiplayer game can look forward to the new “Team Defender” mode, which brings variety to the heated and fast battles. Anyone who has recently felt comfortable with everything in the Battle Royale “Warzone” will also be anything but empty.

Because in addition to the new weapon “Rytec AMR”, which is a large-caliber sniper rifle, up to 200 players can now romp on the Verdansk map at the same time. Activision and Infinity Ward raise the limit of a maximum of 150 simultaneous survivors by 50 again. From the time of Season 4 Reloaded, a total of up to 50 full squads with four players each can compete against each other in a lobby.

If the developers stick to the specified schedule, the update will be available on time at 8 a.m. – exactly the time when this article appears and you can read it. For the largest of the patch, Activision announces 22 to 36 gigabytes for all owners of the full version of Modern Warfare in the associated announcement.

Console players must also download and install a second download of approximately 3.5 gigabytes. Afterwards, a game restart is required to be able to play the multiplayer again. Players who have already played Warzone as a free-to-play standalone have to download around 22 to 30 gigabytes – so they save some data compared to the full version.

All further details about the new rifle, the new multiplayer mode and much more information about the big update can be found in the official patch notes on the Call of Duty Blog:

About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released on October 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. In the current branch of the franchise, developer Infinity Ward is once again concentrating on the strongest brand of the entire Call of Duty series and, in addition to classic multiplayer in its current setting, is again focusing on a story-intensive single-player campaign and cooperative missions.

Since March 10, 2020, “Warzone” has also been added as an F2P Battle Royale standalone, which allows up to 150 players to fight for survival in two different modes at the same time.

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