Chatbots: Benefits & Challenges for Digital Marketing

Chatbots: Benefits & Challenges for Digital Marketing

The field of digital marketing is quite broad. There are so many things and technology ordinary people are not even aware of such as the benefits and the challenges. In recent few years, the market has undergone some great changes for making the market advanced and more customer-friendly. The customer relationship has turned out to be one of the most important factors according to several marketers out there. Consumers have so many options available but how these facilities are developed is a long story to tell. The business tries to keep the things in well-fashioned so that consumers are not able to find any difficulty to go with any type of product services.

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There is a lot of time spent on doing implementing such services. There are many types of testing done, reviews collected and then only the particular technology is taken into consideration. Most of the times consumer decides where to spend their money based on all these factors if observed. All these things are noticed by the marketers to attract more potential customer towards their product or services. The most important thing is to build a strong relationship with the customer. The technology of chatbots helps marketers to maintain this need. This helps the businessman to maintain to improve all kind of business process based on the reviews and comments passed by the customers on daily basis. This has a huge market around the globe with a total investment of around $994 million from the year 2014. The numbers are huge when a new technology is adopted by almost every small as well as a large company worldwide.

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According to many reports and surveys, the AI chatbots are going to rule the platform of online business from the year 2025. Well, I must say that this is not a piece of big news as already the impact is been seen among a lot of people all around. At some point, people indeed choose machines over the computer due to its efficiency, accuracy and time-saving potentials. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits as well as the challenges of the chatbots.

3 Major benefits of chatbots in digital marketing:

  1. Improve the customer experience is one of the benefits provided as well as appreciated by the chatbots. The chatbots offer the customer with great end-user support that to 24/7. The support is immediately provided without waiting for a lot of time which is a great experience as per many customers. This is because the system can analyze a lot of questions at the same time and is also able to rely on each of them with a different response based on the question provided. This is something that humans are not able to do. There is the answer regarding everything such as doubts, complaints, suggestions etc. The response is quick even if the question which is asked is complex.
  2. The collection of data and insights will be the second major benefit of the chatbots. Humans are not able to remember the response given by all the customer a majority of the time, unlike the machine which collects all the potential review with the name as well time. Apart from this on which thing the particular review was made. This helps the marketers to the shortcomings to be fixed as soon as possible so that next time the user is quite satisfied by the product he is interested in. The technology of chatbots also learns from the user information and interest so whenever some suggestion is asked from the customer side the response received are up to the mark.
  3. The AI chatbots are cheaper as compare to the hiring of employees because her one-time investment is the first step and regular updates are temporary payments. All these things pay off at the last. Alo in case of machinery the work is more as compared to that of humans. he chatbots never become bore of same questions been asked to them again and again while the human can. Also, the accuracy is much more as compared to that offered by most of the humans working together. The work is been reduced a lot because of the use of chatbots in digital marketing.

3 major challenges of chatbots in digital marketing:

There are few challenges in chatbots that are under work. It a chance to get all the things improved in future.

  1. Security issues are the first challenge faced by chatbots. As per the recent reports, there is some crucial information shared by the customer on this platform such as account information, legal names, payment details and much more. If these data are not handled appropriately the company can be on the target of hackers for sure. To make some important a secure change in chatbots the work is been going on.
  2.  Machines are no living bodies which are not able to understand human emotions. This is considered as one of the major challenges in the path of chatbots and also till now nothings that can understand human behaviour is developed. The machinery will not able to respond to human emotion, sarcasm, humour, or different languages, communication and will break down in such situations.
  3. The ability to hold human attention is also a great challenge as if a human doesn’t respond to the chat is automatically close based on the code been implemented. This thing is most of the time irritating to a lot of the customers.


The benefits and challenges of chatbots are in their respective places. The most important thing that must be implemented is to reduce the challenges and increase the benefits in this manner the technology can be used more and more. I hope the article was informative to all my readers.


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