Call Of Duty Mobile Fall Invitational 2023 Details

Hey, Call of Duty fans! Brace yourselves, because from November 9 to November 26, 2023, the Call Of Duty Mobile Fall Invitational is bringing the heat with twelve Asian teams battling it out. They’re all gunning for a piece of the hefty $54,681 prize pool – that’s a whole lot of in-game cash and bragging rights!

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Event DatesNovember 9 to November 26, 2023
LocationGroup Stage online; Playoffs in Beijing, China
Total Prize Pool$54,681 (400,000 Yuan)
Winner’s PrizeApproximately $17,360
Prize DistributionAllocated based on performance; each of the 12 participating teams receives a share.
Number of Teams12 Asian teams
Team Invitations1 Indian team, 2 Japanese teams, 5 Chinese teams, 4 Southeast Asian teams from the Garena region
Notable TeamsQing Jiu Club (China), Wolves (China)
Match FormatBest-of-five format, Single Round Robin
Playoff QualificationTop four players from each group
Recent AchievementsQing Jiu Club won China Call of Duty Masters Season 6

The Battle Grounds: Online and In-Person

The Group Stage Goes Digital

All the group stage action will be streaming online, so you can catch your favorite teams from the comfort of your own gaming chair.

Beijing Awaits the Best

The best of the best will be heading to Beijing, China, for the playoffs. It’s there that the ultimate winner will walk away with a cool $17,360.

Prize Money: Everyone Gets a Cut

Every team that’s thrown into the fray will get a share of the loot based on their performance. So, even if they don’t snag the top spot, they won’t leave empty-handed.

Teams from All Over Asia

A Diverse Roster

This year’s event is pretty special with one Indian team joining the fray alongside two teams from Japan and a dominant five teams from China. Four teams from the Garena region in Southeast Asia are also stepping up to the challenge.

Prize Pool Breakdown: The Spoils of War

Let’s talk numbers – the prize pool is divided up nicely among the top twelve teams. Here’s how the cash is dished out:


Everybody wins something for their hard-fought battles.

The Competitors: Teams to Watch

We’ve got some heavy hitters this year. Qing Jiu Club, also known as Q9, just clinched the title at the China Call of Duty Masters Season 6 by taking down Wolves in the grand finals. Both these teams are looking like the ones to beat.

Game On: The Format

Every clash will follow a best-of-five format, ensuring plenty of action and nail-biting moments. The teams are seeded into two groups, and they’ll be duking it out in a Single Round Robin format. The top four from each group will then make their way to the playoffs.

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FAQs: All You Need to Know

  1. Q1: When is the Call Of Duty Mobile Fall Invitational 2023 taking place?

    A1: The action unfolds from November 9 to November 26, 2023. Get ready!

  2. Q2: What’s the prize for the winning team?

    A2: The champions will bag about $17,360. That’s some serious cash for serious gaming!

  3. Q3: How many teams are competing, and from where?

    A3: Twelve teams from across Asia, including China, Japan, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, will be competing.

  4. Q4: Can you tell me more about the format of the tournament?

    A4: Sure! Matches are best-of-five, with teams playing in a Single Round Robin format. The top four from each group head to the playoffs.

  5. Q5: Who were the recent winners in China, and are they competing?

    A5: Qing Jiu Club (Q9) are the recent champs, and yes, they’re competing! Watch out for them and their rivals, Wolves.

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