benefits of guest blogging

Benefits of Guest Blogging or Guest Posting


Guest blogging is one of the best ways today to bring traffic, conversions and ranking in Google. There are lots of benefits of guest blogging for seo and these benefits can give great results in order to boost up your business. Guest blogging if done appropriately can bring desired results in search engines also. One of the best advantages of guest blogging is that it can provide you backlinks from other authoritative blogs and thus can improve your search engine rankings. In guest blogging, you need to write an article and send it to different bloggers to publish your article on their blogs with a backlink to your business website. The blog owner if it approves your article will publish it on their blog. The article needs to be unique and worthy for the readers then they will definitely approved by the blog owners. By simply applying the guest posting best practices, we can bring the desired results for our business website. You can also find the list of guest posting websites to do the best link building practices. By following the good guest posting strategies, we can boost up our rankings in search engines. 

Guest Blogging has been in the news for a long time even today in this blogosphere that means it is really has some kind of relevance for every blogger and this means you really must know the different benefits of guest blogging. Right?

Let’s dive in.

Top 6 benefits of Guest Posting

#1. Back Links

What oxygen is to your body is what back links to your blog. Got it?

Well, I don’t think I need to tell you the importance of back links anymore. Do I?

But keep this in mind that while guest posting you must

  • Not Over Stuff your Author Box with back links instead add an anchor text to one of your post to make the post rank better.
  • Reply to every comment to get even more back links and to attract commenters to come to your blog. Two birds, one stone. huh?

Ya, getting back links is the best thing from this benefits of guest blogging list but keep this in mind that the purpose of guest posting should be providing value to the blog rather than just focusing on getting back link.

#2. Targeted Traffic

Search Engines are famous for giving highly targeted traffic in a really big number. Right?

But with guest blogging you will get even more targeted traffic, the user would more tend to listen to you, to click on your ads, to buy the products you may recommend.

For e.g.

If a search engine user would spend 2 minute on your blog than an visitor from your guest post would spend at least 4 minute on it. #Researchonmyblog

#3. New Subscribers

If you would have highly targeted traffic than you will surely have a huge increase in your subscription rate.

And the best thing would be that these subscribers would be loyal which is very hard to find today.

#4. More Google Trust

Google trust is what every blogger wants to increase. Right?

But most of the people think that guest posting doesn’t help in this.

That thinking is completely wrong, I must say that with guest posting I was able to rank better in the highly competitive keyword search.

Google today keeps those sites in first five positions whom it trust and if you could make it to trust your blog than no one in this blogosphere would be able to throw you to the next page.

It doesn’t matter how competitive the keyword is, you would be on the first page and the time of staying there depends on the trust factor of your blog and of others too with whom you are competing.

#5. Makes your blog More Popular

The more you guest post on other big blogs, the more your blog becomes popular.

This is a fact, I have heard of a blogger who has got thousands of visitors just by Guest Posting and is popular then most of the big bloggers (Sorry, I can’t remember the name) and is earning a lot of money every month.

#6. Improves your Writing Skills Even More!

You must be thinking that how guest posting would help you in improving your writing skills. Right?

It is because of the rejection you may face in the starting.

Rejection? Am I kidding You?


Rejection gives you a burning desire to improve yourself, your post, your mind, your writing skills, everything related.

In a nutshell, guest posting is really important for everyone. With seeing the benefits of guest blogging it is clear that if you are not doing guest posting you are not going to grow faster.

Hey, hey, hey, Now, it’s your turn to share some more benefits of guest blogging, I have not covered everything in this post. Let my readers do something. Right?

Then go ahead and give me your thoughts through the comment section below.

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