B2B Saas Marketing Strategies

B2B Saas Marketing Strategies

B2B SaaS marketing is nothing but a tall order. These kinds of companies come and goes but their ways of doing marketing are something quite impressive as they can target a large bunch of target audience who spend their time and money as strong trust is been build up. As in here, there is a requirement of selling something that is kind of intangible to the business that already has a set position in the very market. So, if the correct SaaS marketing strategy is been implemented then you can win and become one of the experts within the industry. The most important thing here is that you get your customer on board and then sell your SaaS product handy.

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Many of us are already aware that while selling software to a business is a kind of task that is fit for only some exceptional marketing geniuses who has indomitable creativity as well as who have access to unlimited resources. In short, all these things turn out that B2B software is extremely popular in the market and with time this popularity will increase in other sectors too. Some SaaS companies are closely observed and are even studied from within. In doing so the death rate of SaaS companies can be quite discouraging but if we look at the bright side then the long, as well as the growing list of the mega-success stories of the software, tells the whole inspiration story which is good to have a look on. So now the main question here is what strategies these companies make use of and why are these strategies so much effective on their customers which as a whole brings up the great sale stories. We can put all these together at some or another point. Let’s see the list of the strategies made in practice in many known SaaS companies.

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#1. Identifying your ideal customers:

Several companies fail to identify their potential or ideal customer which later becomes a huge problem. As if you find the ideal customers then you must work so that you can fulfil their needs. This can be started just by creating personas for your customers by using some questions as tools such as what’s their profession, the position they are currently handling, the problem they are facing or have faced in their past etc. After this, you can dig into the process by interviewing the customer, conducting various surveys, sort out the data in your CRM and examine their social mentions, user reviews, feedbacks as well as queries. The main idea here is basically to uncover characteristics as well as the behavioural pattern of the customers as that may help you create a realistic persona.

#2. Try to think inbound:

Most of the SaaS companies have achieved their position by differentiating themselves and achieving their growth just by embracing their inbound marketing. Inbound marketing however is termed as a way to attract more potential customers through content and interactions that are quite relevant as well as helpful but of course not at all interruptive. Inbound marketing can bring out potential customers towards you just through channels such as blogs, search engines as well social media handles. Inbound marketing even provides SaaS marketers with

  1. Lower cost of the customer acquisition
  2. Increasing the lifetime values of the customers
  3. Conversion, as well as retention, is even increased through this
  4. It also helps in establishing the authority   

#3. Buy Traffic:

This is one of the most used methods to bring targeted traffic to your website by using pay per click advertising. Some of the widely used methods here are:

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Retargeting or remarketing: In this, your ads are served to the browser that is been put on your website
  3. Paid social media ads: This includes on the social media handles

#4. Make a hyper-focused landing page:

One of the most effective ways which are through focused landing page which you can make your ads, social media campaigns and all other traffic generating strategy working skillfully. This is possible when your offers are tied to the channels and the topics that drove the click. Here we are considering the stages of the buyer’s journey which create landing pages with possible and attractive offers as well as contents that are optimized for the very conversion.  

#5. Try to publish only lead magnets:

This is done by building an email list, generating leads and giving a position to yourself that holds up an authority. You can even create eBook’s and while papers that will serve as the cornerstone content of your most prominent B2B SaaS marketing campaigns as a whole. This may consist of simple emails, blog posts, infographics, webinars, social media posts and many other possible things too.

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I hope all the information shared above was helpful to my readers.


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