5 Reasons Why Apple Siri is Awesome

The world is changing so fast that you can hardly gauge her pace. As modernisation crept in, people were getting acquainted with the ‘touch effect’. And as if this was not enough to surprise us, when few people decided to make smart gadgets respond to our voice recognition. It’s one of the most comfortable technology in the ear. But with the Apple’s new launch Siri, it has revolutionised the  sound technology industry. Unlike traditional voice-recognition software which is only accustomed to the specific set of commands and keywords, siri recognises your natural accent and it also asks more questions for information to complete a given task.

As Siri has been widely accepted, for those critics who are still in limbo whether to approve it or not, I cite you few of the reasons why Apple’ Siri is awesome:

It’s your genie

Remember your ‘Aladdin’ days. I bet all used to wish for Aladdin’s genie, the adorable and obedient slave. Though Siri cannot be at par with that genie, but technically your wish is its command. Busy driving in the rush road of Delhi and yet you need an emergency text to send away right way. Just talk to your phone and it will send it. Mobile maniacs know that their cell phone is the oxygen of their life and what’s the best service a phone can provide which will listen to your every command and won’t care how you speak but would care what to do accordingly!!

It is human sensitive

It exactly knows how to respond to your command. By stating that I will gladly notify you that Siri doesn’t prove to be a dumb robot which only do as commanded. But also it has insights and depth of understanding of what exactly you mean. It can be used with its sensor around a person’s home. Like every time you woke up in the morning to use the bathroom, Siri will remind you of your pills intake. What more? When you just simply ask “I want to dine out today.”, it will simply show the specific restaurants around the block but if you want to be specific about your cuisine then simply reply back “How about having sushi?” and it exactly knows you want a Japanese diner.

The Reader

Remember Kate Winslet’s character portrayed in The Reader. I don’t want to specify her illiteracy but how the kid used to read her books while she was doing her rest of the chores. It do struck to my mind, with busy schedules and hectic days people sometimes skip important emails to be checked because you just don’t have the time to spend on it by reading the message. So how about you say to your ios7 device “Read the latest email from Natasha Lopez”, it not only read the subject but also it will dictate the whole message for you. And the icing on the cake, it provides you other way round. You can email the required receiver by composing a new message via your voice.

Pause. Play.

Every time you fumble through your 8GB collection of music, you waste all your time searching and shuffling. But how it will be if you are reading a post from the flipboard installed on your phone and suddenly you want to hear “Last Christmas”. All you need to do say it while still remaining on the same page of your phone. In short, Siri will play or shuffle or skip or pause your music application.

“What can you do?”

Ask Siri this question and it will exactly  tell you what it can do. Tell it to show directions and throughout the route, it will tell you where to move and to turn to reach your destination. You are practicing your aptitude test and you need to keep track on time. Set your timer through Siri and it will exactly respond you when time’s up. Today was your first meeting and you want a romantic evening by booking two tickets at your nearby PVR but again you are left undecided which movie you should go. Siri will tell you the reviews and even show you the trailer. And bang you choose.

Siri is the Butler of your mansion. Does it ring a bell? Yea, how can you forget Cadbury our beloved butler of Master Richie Rich. Do not underestimate its power to obey your commands. Even if you don’t command it will remind you of the specific tasks to be done just like Cadbury used to come to remind Richie Rich when he is in between of his mystery solving case.


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