Huawei Unveils HarmonyOS NEXT

Huawei Unveils HarmonyOS NEXT

Huawei is making waves in the tech world by stepping away from Android and introducing its very own mobile operating system. At the recent Huawei Developer Conference (HDC), the company proudly showcased HarmonyOS NEXT, marking a significant milestone as their first mobile OS that’s not based on Android. This exciting new platform promises to power a range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to smartwatches and beyond.

IntroductionHuawei introduces HarmonyOS NEXT, a new mobile OS not based on Android.
What is HarmonyOS NEXT Beta?A completely new OS built on OpenHarmony and HarmonyOS microkernel, not supporting Android APKs.
Key Features and Benefits30% better performance, three times improved connectivity, 20% more power efficiency, and familiar user experience.
Better Than Android?Offers a unified architecture, seamless device connectivity, and heavy AI integration for enhanced features.
Generative AI IntegrationIncludes AI tools like object remover, image generator, sound repairer, and summarization tool.
Advanced Multimedia and GraphicsArk Multimedia Engine and Ark Graphics Engine for enhanced visual and audio experience.
User ExperienceMaintains a familiar interface while introducing new architecture and improved connectivity.
Power Efficiency20% more power-efficient than Android, extending battery life.
Availability and Future PlansCurrently available in China only, with no announced plans for international release.

What is HarmonyOS NEXT Beta?

A New Chapter for Huawei

HarmonyOS NEXT Beta is an evolution of the HarmonyOS that Huawei has been offering for a while now. The big difference? It’s not based on Android or even Linux, making it a completely new beast. This new system is built on OpenHarmony and the HarmonyOS microkernel, meaning it doesn’t support Android APK files. Instead, it runs native ‘APP’ apps through the Ark Compiler with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core support. So, no more Play Store apps directly running on Huawei devices.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Performance Efficiency: HarmonyOS NEXT is designed to be 30% more efficient than previous versions.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Connectivity is improved by three times, offering better device interactions.
  • Power Efficiency: It’s 20% more power-efficient compared to Android, promising longer battery life.
  • User Experience: While the core smartphone experience remains familiar, the underlying architecture is entirely different.

Better Than Android?

Unified Architecture

HarmonyOS NEXT stands out with its unified architecture that combines local and cloud services. This means you can share files or photos across devices without needing multiple apps. It also allows for seamless connectivity and data synchronization between devices, making your tech ecosystem more integrated.

Generative AI Integration

One of the standout features of HarmonyOS NEXT is its heavy integration of generative AI. This includes:

  • Object Remover in Photos: Easily remove unwanted objects from your pictures.
  • Image Generator: Create images using AI.
  • AI Sound Repairer: Improve audio quality with AI-powered tools.
  • AI Summarization Tool: Summarize content quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Multimedia and Graphics

HarmonyOS NEXT also brings in some advanced multimedia and graphics capabilities, such as the Ark Multimedia Engine and Ark Graphics Engine. These technologies enhance the visual and audio experience, similar to how ray tracing improves graphics in PC games.

HarmonyOS NEXT: The User Experience

Familiar Yet Different

Although HarmonyOS NEXT is built from the ground up with a different architecture, it still offers a user experience that feels familiar. From downloading apps to managing them on your screen, Huawei ensures that users won’t feel lost when transitioning from Android. This balance of new technology and familiar interfaces is crucial for user adoption.

Enhanced Connectivity

The new OS boasts significantly improved connectivity, making it easier and faster to connect to other devices. This is a big plus for users who rely on multiple gadgets for their daily tasks. HarmonyOS NEXT promises faster device connections with better latency, enhancing the overall user experience.

Power Efficiency

In an age where battery life is a critical factor for mobile devices, HarmonyOS NEXT shines with its 20% improvement in power efficiency over Android. This means longer usage times and less frequent charging, a feature that will undoubtedly be appreciated by users.

Availability and Future Plans

As of now, HarmonyOS NEXT will be available only in China. Huawei hasn’t yet disclosed any plans for an international release, but given the global interest in their technology, it’s likely that we’ll see it expanding to other markets in the future.

FAQs About HarmonyOS NEXT

1. What is HarmonyOS NEXT Beta?

HarmonyOS NEXT Beta is Huawei’s latest mobile operating system, completely independent of Android and Linux. It supports native ‘APP’ apps via Ark Compiler with HMS Core, and it doesn’t run Android APK files.

2. How is HarmonyOS NEXT different from previous versions?

HarmonyOS NEXT is built on a new architecture that offers 30% better performance efficiency, three times enhanced connectivity, and 20% more power efficiency compared to Android. It integrates generative AI and advanced multimedia features.

3. Can I use Android apps on HarmonyOS NEXT?

No, HarmonyOS NEXT doesn’t support Android APK files. It runs native ‘APP’ apps through Huawei’s Ark Compiler with HMS Core.

4. What are the key features of HarmonyOS NEXT?

Key features include improved performance efficiency, enhanced connectivity, better power efficiency, generative AI integration, and advanced multimedia and graphics capabilities.

5. Is HarmonyOS NEXT available outside China?

Currently, HarmonyOS NEXT is only available in China. Huawei hasn’t announced any plans for an international release yet.


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