Cod Bunkers Locations and Codes

Cod Bunkers Locations and Codes

Honourable obligation Warzone offers their players numerous amazing interesting compensations in each match which can be utilized as a major influence in dominating matches without any problem. Picture getting a high position weapon at the start of the match and the best part is you will consistently get it from those equivalent areas. In the COD disaster area, there are numerous areas known as Bunkers in the guide where players can get these high rewards and weapons at the actual beginning of each match. You will simply have to retain all the shelter areas over the guide and afterwards you can get the top-notch plunder in each match. The main thing to see is that over the guide of the disaster area a couple of them are simple to open or close fortifications without any riddles. Yet, the majority of disaster area shelters require a code that is compulsory to pave the way for fortification.

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What are COD disaster area Bunker and Bunker codes 2021:

Disaster area Bunkers are mysterious explicit areas around the guide where players can get some great prizes and high position things that can help them during a match. From the outside, these dugouts look basic and not uncommon yet when you enter them you wind up with incredible prizes. To enter these disaster area fortifications, you need to have an 8 digit dugout code that will allow you to sidestep the door and afterwards you can plunder every one of the prizes. Dugout codes are set by Activision and afterwards shared over the web for players to utilize at whatever point running over fortifications. One exhorts for players is to consistently remain on their toes or alert at whatever point running over dugout because occasionally rival groups arrange their men around these fortifications uniquely for killing any individual who attempts to enter. Simply know about your environmental factors.

1. Honorable obligation Bunker Locations:

Before utilizing Call of Duty fortification codes, first, you should realize where to discover dugouts in CoD on the guide. You can undoubtedly discover them from the guide. Be that as it may, a portion of the areas might be excessively near one another so the signs may be erroneous. Here is a point by point picture that comprises all fortification areas in the guide that you can use to discover old and puzzling new dugouts.

  1. On the coast south of Promenade West
  2. North of the go-kart track and southwest of Boneyard.
  3. North along the road from the previous bunker.
  4.  Right next to bunker 02.
  5.  Southeast of Dam.
  6. On the west side of the Crash Site.
  7. Between Quarry and Lumber, above the train tunnel locations.
  8.  East of the TV station, northeast of Stadium.
  9. Opposite bunker
  10.  Northeast of Prison.
  11. South of Tavorsk Park.

A speedy tip for you. At the point when you are going to one of these fortifications, ensure that you are completely stacked. Since they have top-notch plunder, there is a high possibility you will experience different players here. One thing you can do is a pause. In case you are certain that you are the primary individual to arrive, you can attempt to be slippery. Set yourself someplace very close and assault the following individual attempting to enter the fortification.

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2. Bunker Codes in Call of Duty:

The following is a list of codes that can be used to unlock Call of Duty bunker sites. Congratulations if you were able to break into the map and loot valuable items and legendary supply crates.

  1. North Junkyard – 87624851
  2. Park (nuke) – 60274513
  3. TV Station – 27495810
  4. Prison – 72948531
  5. Farmland – 49285163
  6. South Junkyard – 97264138

3. How to Access Warzone Bunkers:

This is pretty straightforward. As soon as you see a bunker, you can just type the code above. But, what if the bunker doesn’t have keypads? As mentioned earlier, the new update brings changes to how bunkers work. Some require codes, while some can only be accessed using a Red Access card. The red access card is a very rare item that can be used to open non-keypad Warzone bunkers. You can only find them inside legendary crates. Even then, securing an access card is only half the battle. Now, you also need to head inside the bunker safely. There will always be a threat of others stealing your card before you can use it. Therefore, you should always be aware of your surroundings. If you manage to open the bunker using an access card or CoD bunker code though, enjoy your new gears!

4. Disaster area Bunker Tips

Fortune hunting in Warzone is much more fun when you realize where to look. In this aide, we’ll show you how to get into the Park Bunker just as our cut of your plunder! While looking for the recreation centre dugout, you should be between commemoration and the ocean. Try not to mess with that appalling structure since it’s not there! You should travel south until you arrive at the recreation centre then, at that point begin to clear your path through it. A short time later, at its base edge is the place where this ‘hideaway’ will show up in certain stones. You can generally fly over or take the coast street on the off chance that you experience any difficulties discovering it.

Whenever you’ve done pulling your butt down to the lower part of the guide, you will require a keycode for Park Bunker. The code is 60274513! Investigate! There is some cool stuff in here like model rockets in the work area and loads of plunder. However, the genuine fun part can be found down the side passage.


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