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Zee 5 Mod APK is a well-known application used by most of the people today. It is a platform to enjoy unlimited entertainment. In simple words, it’s an application where people all kind of shows, movies and series from both Hollywood and Bollywood along with the shows running on small TV known as Indian drama or serials. There is so much content available to entertain oneself from high-class videos across the globe. There is even the feature to go premium and enjoy the unlimited stream. Some people are so much interested in Indian dramas and never misses an episode for them they are the availability of many features like language/ region based on the preference they like. Mostly this is the era of Netflix, amazon prime etc. But zee5, as compare to those, are much more affordable. Zee5 premium is a good choice to get a daily dose of entertainment in your happy hours. All the superhit movies, TV shows, Music videos, news and much more available in just one platform is a kind of amazing.

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There is also the option of download available in the premium account where one can keep the favourite shows or movies saved to watch in a convenient time. There are about 90+ live channels so there are no chances to miss any of your favourites once. There were times well all these live watching was quite expensive but now the availability of MOD APK has made it quite easier to afford and use. Now everyone can enjoy these services whenever and wherever they want. And for that the only this they have to pay is for their data.  zee5 is available in main languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi and many other regional languages. The most amazing thing that would be provided in the premium version of zee5 is the ongoing TV serials that are sometimes missed due to the busy schedule. Apart from this, it can be downloaded too.

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There are some of the features of Zee5 MOD APK that I would like to highlight so that the benefits of using it can be easily understood without getting confused.

Features of ZEE5 MOD APK

 All these features can also be found on the google play store in the description section.

  1. The video content provided on Zee 5 platform is mainly dubbed in 7 different languages as to serve as a user-friendly Site.
  2. There are about 11 display languages available on the platform.
  3. There are 12 content languages available in the platform
  4. There is a feature to download offline shows and even movies.
  5. The channel programming for watching anything live comes up with a guide
  6. There is plenty of music video streaming in different languages.
  7. There is a news channel also available to keep you up to date
  8. Voice search facility makes things easier than before.
  9. Customized setting considered based on the preference selected by you
  10. There is seamless video playback feature available too.

All these features make zee5 to get good reactions from people all around and they are using it seamlessly to catch up with their entertainment choices.

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Download and install ZEE5 MOD APK:

There are few numbers of steps to follow to download and install ZEE5 MOD APK:

The file name is ZEE5 MOD APK. Its size is about 71 MB.

Direct download link: Zee5 Mod APK Download for Free [100% Working] » ApkManager

  1. First of all, click on the link to download the ZEE5 MOD APK directly
  2. Click on the download file accept the terms and condition and then install it.
  3. Go to the settings of the phone
  4. Go the security section and then search for the unknown sources
  5. Turn on it just by clicking on it
  6. Then quickly move to the folder where the file is been saved
  7. Click on the APK file and then install it.
  8. This can take a few minutes
  9. After this, you can run the app and select customization option as per your preference

Other than android the ZEE5 app can work on smart TV and PC too. The IOS version is under development but that too would be available soon. These are additional reasons highlighting ZEE5 app.


The ZEE5 MOD APK is an amazing application gaining quite a popularity in the past few years. This keeps the customer demand as its priority and that’s why in every new update something new is been pushed to enhance its use with satisfaction. The normal version of the app is good with minimum features enabled but the premium version comes with all the high-quality features. In this article, I have to try to cover maximum knowledge about the app. Do download it and enjoy it.

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