All You Need To Know About LinkedIn Ads.

Ever since LinkedIn was found in 2002 in California, there has been quite a few conjectures and speculations regarding the services provided by the platform to its users.

Well if you are here reading this article, I’m sure you are a bit confused about it too.

But don’t you worry.

Just keep on reading this article and learn all you need to know about LinkedIn Ads and marketing campaigns.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads is a B2B (Business-to-business)advertising tool which gives you a prolific chance to engage as well as connect with your audiences in order to win them over.

Such ads can also be employed by non-profit organisations, B2C (business-to-customer) companies, universities and other related institutions for achieving quick success.

LinkedIn offers a plethora of efficient features using which you can easily fulfil your brand awareness desires and earn good profits.

Why LinkedIn Ads Is Important?

LinkedIn Ads is a highly rewarding platform for boosting B2B profits.

It comprises of approximately 380 million business professionals working as technical support in it.

You can easily target myriads of demographic profiles on LinkedIn too. It uses certain mechanisms to collect all the related information about every single person on the network. This proves to be highly effective as well.

The optional targeting characteristics of LinkedIn include:

  • Job Title
  • Gender/ Age
  • Job Function
  • Geography
  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Group
  • Skill
  • Degree

LinkedIn also offers the chance to accommodate all the skill-based lead qualifications and acts as a lead accelerator.

How To Create A Campaign On LinkedIn?

Creating a campaign on LinkedIn is not at all difficult.

Just follow these easy steps for creating your first campaign.

  • Sign in through the Campaign Manager profile on LinkedIn.
  • Then choose your objective for your displayed ads.
  • Build and engage with your target audience.
  • Choose the format you’d like for your ad.
  • Now you must set up your bid as well as your budget.
  • Choose the font and graphics of your creative ad.
  • Don’t forget to save all the information regarding the billing.

Different Types Of Objectives On LinkedIn Ads

The first step in your objective-based advertisement spree is to select your objective.

It is an immensely important step because it helps you to customise and streamline your campaign online.

Objectives can be grouped into 3 categories :

Awareness campaigns aim to maximize your company’s share-of-voice via impressions.

Consideration campaigns aim to encourage your website followers to take certain action in order to know more about your business.

Conversion campaigns focus upon lead generation and have the ability to keep a track on the various actions going on in your website.

It is crucial to find the right objective on LinkedIn Ads for grabbing maximum benefits.

Here’s an accurate description of the different objectives available in front of you :

  • Brand Awareness 
  • Website Visits
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation

Different Types Of Ad Formats

1. Banner Ad

This ad consists of a short text or some graphics in order to promote a brand product or service.

 Banner Ad provides the advertiser’s website with a hyperlink which permits the users to reach up to the main site as and when they please.

This provides users with all the crucial information and persuades them to buy the products.

2. Pop-Up Ad

These ads appear in their own window every time a user opens or closes a given web page.

However, Pop-up-ads are usually considered very irritating and annoying

3. Interstitial Ad

These ads open in the browser window of an individual when he/she clicks a given link to any new web page.

They appear for a small duration of time and most of them close automatically.

4. Coupons

With the help of coupons, you can effectively encourage your customers to shop and save at the same time by doing business with your brand.

Coupons help digital marketers to keep a close tab on the customer behaviour for reaping maximum benefits.

5. Reward Programme

Reward Programme enables you to lure your customers by offering them reward benefits every time they purchase your products.

It hinges upon the fact that whenever a customer purchases your goods on the internet , they get some reward points which if collected over a span of time can be used to purchase more products in the future.

Therefore, the reward programme enables you to encourage your current customers to add future profits to your business.

6. Pay per advertising view

This ad type asks the given company to pay each customer for viewing their advertisements online.

7. Banner Swapping

Banner Swapping impinges upon a direct exchange of inbound and outbound links between various websites.

8. Tracking

Tracking enables an advertiser to gather all the relevant information regarding the outlook , choices and perspectives of his/her customers through ‘cookies’ or tiny films.

9. Sky scrappers

These ads are very long in size and are displayed on either the right or the left side of any given site.

How To Generate Leads Through LinkedIn Ads?

The prime aim of LinkedIn Ads is to generate leads and referrals in large numbers.

Here’s how you can do that.

  • You must prepare a 30-second digital commercial and include it in your profile on LinkedIn
  • Add as many connections to your network as possible.
  • Please, play fair and be honest with your profile visitors. This will enable you to build a strong relationship premised upon trust with them.
  • Build a proper lead list for lead generation.
  • Keep a close track on your current clients and customers.
  • Post updates on your LinkedIn network on each working day.
  • LinkedIn enables you to connect with people who share groups with you. So , join as many groups as you can for availing the fruits of the benefits offered.
  • Celebrate accomplishments on LinkedIn so as to boost brand awareness amongst the users.
  • Write recommendations on LinkedIn accounts.
  • Don’t over-do tricks as they can be major turn-offs for the website visitors.

Follow these simple tricks and you’ll definitely generate huge sums of money via LinkedIn Ads.

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