Xiaomi MI3 Review, Tech Specs,Price in India

In this competitive world of handsets where a new phone is launched every now and then the Xiaomi MI3 stands out among all and forces us to stop by and have a look at its very attractive and soothing designs and a technology which no phone is offering right now at this affordable price. It was just a bet when Xiaomi handed over the task of selling it phones to Flipkart in July this month and within minutes they made history of selling almost 100,000 sets within were they given away for free? The answer is Yes, for a phone like this which is a power pack dose for the top end mobile manufacturing companies like Apple, Samsung and others to think about just coming for Rs. 13,999 feels almost like free only. Flipkart’s server almost crashed in those launching few minutes. Let us take a look at this so called Xiaomi MI3 and find it out whether it’s that good a buy or not.

First Thing First

Well, for us Indians the looks matters a lot which can either make a deal or break it. When I first saw the phone from a distant it looked like a Nokia Lumia handset to me and when I went close I wasn’t surprised the moment i got hold of this Nano-coated polycarbonated body in my hand the doubt got flicked away immediately. The finish and build of the phone and its feel is incredibly carinated. It’s a mixture of high gloss coating and matte finish and its available in two colours grey and yellow.

The Display

It has a Magnesium Alloy Body with 3 layers of Thermal Granite film to withstand overheating during excessive use, it is one hell of a feature. Apart from that, it offers a 5 inch capacitive touch with a staggering full HD Display (1920x1080p) having a pixel density of 441ppi.

Camera Quality

Now coming to the camera thought this phone offers a 13 megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash and a back camera of 2 megapixel it was not as great when tested comparing to the Samsung’s 8 megapixel. Both the cameras allow a full HD video recording and click decent pictures though in dull light conditions as well.

Operating System

The Xiaomi MI3 runs on an Android 4.4 KitKat with custom MIUI with incredible thousands of themes to download from the Themes App. For Indian customers, it offers a Cloud service and a bunch of security options.


With this price there stands no competitor for its Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Processor of 800 series with a quad-core CPU (with Adreno 330 Graphics engine).It has a processor speed of 2.3 GHz and a RAM of 2 GB and an inbuilt 16 GB of memory The 64GB version is not available in India right now.

Pros & Cons

The Pros of this phone’s list is huge compare to the drawbacks as I have listed a few of both. With it’s amazing hardware and looks its price is dead cheap. It has a decent build quality and an excellent battery Life. Now coming to the Cons as I already mentioned its camera quality was not up to the mark and the MIUI Skin might not attract or look appealing to everyone.

The Xiaomi MI3 is a real Power house phone which is glued in with a lot of great specs offered at this price. After looking at its sales graph it is needless to say why one should buy this phone.


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