Why your BLOG’s Traffic is Dropped What to do

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You might have come to this article to know why has my blog traffic dropped or why website traffic down or you might noticed sudden drop in blog traffic. There might be several reasons from which you can analyze as why your blog not getting traffic. You might not considering the reader’s or visitors’ perspective while writing the blog post or you might miss the search engine perspective while writing the post. There may be any reason that your blog traffic dropped suddenly. Here in this article we are mentioning the top reasons why blog not getting traffic or why blog traffic dropped. Find out from the list of top 4 reasons from here as where you are lacking and why your blog traffic dropped?

You should also be aware of ideal blog post length 2019 while creating the blog posts and also avoid blogging mistakes. If you are following everything perfectly than you really can notice an increase in blog traffic by just following top blogging tips as mentioned in our blog. So, just don’t worry if you noticed drop in blog traffic. Try to find out the reasons as mentioned below and follow the tips and tricks mentioned in our blog as how to increase blog traffic.

The answer of this question is a big “NO” as Traffic is not the same every day. On one day traffic may increase and the other day your blog’s traffic will decrease but it never will be the same.

Why every Blog’s Traffic is decreasing and increasing constantly?

As Googlers (people searching using Google) are not always searching for the keywords you have targeted in your posts, thus they cannot visit your site and ultimately visitors counts changes (it may decrease or increase).

Or the content you have shared on your social sites will never bring constant visitors to your site.

There will be a day when many people would see the link you have shared and would click on it and on the other day the reverse would happen.

Top 4 Reasons Why Blog Traffic Dropped

#1. Not creating Quality Content

This is everywhere. Not quality , but everyone is saying to create quality content. Right?? but

What the hell does creating quality content do?

  • It increases your BLOG’s Traffic
  • It increases your Subscription Rate
  • It increases your value in the eyes of your readers

What I really meant by the heading above is that if you can’t come up with a quality post on a day than don’t post it as it will not do any good to your BLOG.

#2. Not Asking from your readers 

This is the thing I almost always do.

I always ask you questions/tips regarding the post I write as this thing increases the comments on your BLOG. You should be thinking that

How this can increase Traffic to your BLOG?

According to my 12 month research, I have seen if you have more comment on your BLOG than it not only increases your BLOG’s value everywhere but also increases the rank of your POSTS in SERPS. Here you find really good tips on how to increase blog traffic and these all are proven ways to increase traffic.

For example-

If you have targeted keywords for a post say how to increase traffic, increase traffic, increase traffic to blog, etc. but you are ranking say 10th for it.

Than after a comment with any of the keyword you have targeted or with a relevant keyword, your site’s ranking will jump your site to 1-3 position. Cool na??

#3. Not Creating viral content 

The thing is only search engine doesn’t has a lot of visitors but Social sites can compete with them too and can bring a lot of traffic to your website. Right??

So, why not create viral content and attract thousands of visitors without the help of any search engine.

What is viral content??

Content which can be shared constantly on Social sites is what viral content is (that’s what I know).

Tips to create viral content.

  •  Write Long Howto/List Posts – First impression is the last impression.
  •   Use short paragraphs – Majority of people reads short paragraphs.
  •  Use <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags – Attraction is the key.
  • Use GOOD Images – The final part.

These tips will help you to create viral content and don’t forget to invent new tips which will help you to make it more viral.

#4. Not Targeting right keywords:

If you are not targeting right keywords on your posts than forget about search engines. As

Not choosing right keywords = Choosing wrong keywords = Bad SEO = Almost NO traffic from search engines

Than how to target right keywords?

To find right keywords for your post we have to use a keywords finder tool. If you want to use a free tool than nothing is better than adword keyword tool for Google otherwise there are premium tools like, keyword winner, market samurai, etc. But I recommend you to use both.

Have any tip/suggestion by which you increase blog’s traffic. Do share with us.

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