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There is no doubt that any of you reading this article is unaware of the WhatsApp messenger app. People are highly connected with this app and almost use it in every aspect of their life such as business, education, family and friends. The main idea behind this app is to connect people with how far they are. Millions of people are attached via this app and are happy with its services. The capabilities and features which WhatsApp messenger have has made it easy to use for anyone and by anyone to meet their friends and other important people virtually. Also, here there is full control over the concept to which people you want to talk and to which not. This way your privacy is not being compromised in any case. As their large company behind the invention of such a multifunctional app. Every time there are new ideas proposed to improve the capabilities and features so that people can even use them for the field, they are not able to use them now. In correspondence to this, a new version is being launched to support different business spread across the world. This version is known as WhatsApp Business. This version is very useful for the people who own small or big businesses which are developed by the company WhatsApp Inc. For the android devices. This version was launched recently and is being currently used by many known marketers to boost up their promotion as well as the number of potential customers around the globe. This is mainly because whomever you are even if you are not aware of the advanced app like Instagram then also must be familiar with WhatsApp for sure. All the capabilities and features included in this app is mainly included by considering the needs of business executives and thus they can easily enable the option through which monitoring customers becomes somewhat easy than before. As in here, you can enter instant answers that is visible continuously visible in the list ahead. This reduces the pain of the customer who finds it difficult to make the first approach due to many possible reasons. Also, in addition to the just added feature, the customer can easily recognize that the particular WhatsApp account is for business purpose. Apart from this, there are many other options also present to choose from. There is one thing that should be remembered by the people that apart from the business feature all other original features also exist in this app.

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WhatsApp Business MOD APK

Let’s see some of the famous features available in the WhatsApp business version:

  1. It is designed for both big as well small business owners irrespective of the position they have in the market. As that’s not a deciding factor here.
  2. The business profile is maintained in such a manner that there is space to enter details like email address, alternative phone no and even the address.
  3. The description can also be mentioned without exceeding the maximum number of words or sentences.
  4. Automatic messages can be easily generated letting the customer known the availability timing, customer support number etc.
  5. There is statics maintained on send messages, received messages, posts sharing etc. This can be monitored from time to time to keep up with the work done.
  6. Both regular, as well as business version, can be used in the same phone itself only one requirement is that the number used in both the accounts should be different.
  7. There is even the availability present through which the business MOD APK version can be used in laptops too using a web application like Chrome.
  8. There are all features of the original app supported.

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Let’s see the new features being added in this Business version:

  1. Filter chat list is easily available. By this, the owner can easily find the chat based on different labels and that’s how can see which all are read and which all are unread.
  2. You can view using all the present label indicators based on one’s preference.
  3. The short links here can be easily shared without facing any kind of problems.
  Version  Size  Requirements  Date
  3840 – 3.1.1    23MB +OBB Data  4.0 and up  05/03/2021
  9296 – 2.19.0    62MB  4.1 and up  15/02/2021
  4410 – 2.28.0    72MB  4.2 and up  08/12/2020

The version links are attached below:

  1. https://www.allmoddedapk.com/mortal-kombat-x-mod-apk/ – 3840 – 3.1.1
  2. https://www.allmoddedapk.com/dragon-ball-legends-mod-apk/- 9296 – 2.19.0
  3. https://www.allmoddedapk.com/ultimate-ninja-blazing-mod-apk/- 4410 – 2.28.0

Link to download the MOD APK Version:



The business version is used by a lot of marketers nowadays. The response from there side was noticed to be amazing when the required feedback was collected. As per many marketers, the platform new changes are quite easy to be used and that is why their business is being boosted by only while using the WhatsApp new version only for a few days. I hope all the information shared above was useful to my readers.  

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