How to use whatsapp business for marketing

How to use whatsapp business for marketing

Whatsapp is massive and the most popular messaging application in the world currently with over 1.5 billion monthly active users across 180 countries and it counting. Messaging has been used by many people across the world some for the purpose of documenting the conversation between the people. It is a mode of fast communication unlike the tradition text where the text content is limited and after certain characters the message will be split and sent as two messages to the individual which can be annoying.

As businesses are scrambling over each other to reach their target audience. It’s not as easy to reach the audience just by texting through whatsapp as whatsapp currently doesn’t serve ads and due to its encrypted messaging system targeting would be very restricted upto certain level plus earlier whatswpp business users had to pay for each message they send unless customers message them first.

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But lately many smart companies have come up with an idea for effective ways of reaching their customers on whatswpp without paying the charges or from the minimal charges. This messaging application has proven very useful serving customers, one on one communications and even during the marketing campaigns. The cost per message and limited advertising features are still the topi of discussion and unsure if the presence on whatsapp is worth their time, money and helpful for ther growth of their business we have a great news for all those business owners

Currently whatsapp’s audience size makes it appealing for the marketers especially if your business has a presence in many countries where the active users are more than 120 millions. Since whatsapp is the more popular application used across the world it is just beyond the scale of its user base,

Some of the prime reason where the business owners needs to seriously consider this fastest growing application there are.

WhatsApp is a very useful customer service channel that enables community managers to engage with customers quickly and easily on a platform they’re comfortable with. It is also free for brands if they have a response time under 24 hours. This is the most underrated as a digital communications channel. You will be surprised to know that whatsapp status alone has over 450 million daily active users that uploads the status every day. Messaging groups of customers can reach up to a limit of 256 people at a time while it is the best when it comes to one on one communication that can build relationships with users and strengthen brand loyalty.

Whatsapp marketing is more powerful than many brands believe. From sending notifications to directly messaging leads, there are plenty of strategies and features that helps marketers to boost revenue and increase the conversions.

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To know how to use the whatsapp for business let us start from how to create the business account in whatsapp.

  1. You can download whatsapp on the android phone or IOS
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions
  3. Enter the business phone number
  4. Fill the basic details like the name of the business, profile picture and few lines about the business.
  5. You get the options to learn more about the business tools, you can explore the section or you can skip for now and move ahead

Great! Now we are all set to use the whatsapp business account.

With a WhatsApp Business account, you can make your social media customer service more efficient and personal some of the added advantage of the having a whatsapp business account is.

Quick Replies that save so much time and energy you can save answers for the most commonly asked questions as templates and set up shortcuts. Customers will get prompt answers and you will save time taken to type the answers

Use labels to organize and categorize users and their messages it will help you sort messages by urgency and recognize regular customers. Pre-programmed labels can be used or you can create new ones that make sense for your business.

Away Messages and Greeting automated messages can be set, so your customer gets a response immediately, even if you’re unable to respond. It is a great way to set an expectations of response times to our customer when they reach beyond the business hours, this feature is also helpful when you have international customers.

Showcase your products in a cataloge for highlighting new products, seasonal collections or bestsellers. In short it is the virtual shop offered to the customers from the comfort of anywhere across the globe. You can also communicate with colleagues or employees, majority of people use whatsapp to communicate to their employees or business partners. It gives the freedom of time for a small talk with the collegues.

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Some of the useful tool that will help to save time is Sparkcentral it makes customer service conversations just a breeze very smooth and in a effective way. It is an automated messaging platform which is just perfect when managing high volumes of queries or concerns.

Sparkcentral offers chatbots and with the help of artificial intelligence solutions that help businesses automate customer service across social platforms all the services are offered and manged by single application.

So, there you have it! Since you know the benefits of whatsApp and how it can be a great business tool to help you grow your business to the greater heights.


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