What is Pubg lite, requirements & how to download

What is Pubg lite, requirements & how to download

Below I have put together some information about the game for you that should answer the most important questions about the release of pubg lite.

What is the difference between PUBG Lite and PUBG?

In short: PUBG Lite is not available on Steam, but is started via its own client. PUBG Lite is also Free2Play, so it can be played for free. The most important difference, however, is that the new PUBG Lite is significantly more economical in terms of hardware requirements than PUBG on Steam!

The developers now want to use the lite version of their popular game to appeal primarily to players who have weaker PCs and have not been able to enjoy the classic PUBG. PUBG Lite is nowhere near as hardware-hungry as its big brother and should, at least in theory, run on most computers over the past 6 years. For many laptop owners, PUBG Lite should also mean access to the game without melting the device. The screenshot below shows the minimum and recommended hardware requirements of PUBG Lite.

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PUBG Lite system requirements

The system requirements of PUBG Lite show which minimum hardware is required and which hardware is recommended for the game.

Free2Play – Skins, Lootkisten and the in-game currencies (Battlepoints, L-Coins, Chicken Medals and Silver Bullets) from PUBG Lite

As a Free2Play game, the offer should of course be financed by buying in-game items. As usual, PUBG Lite offers loot boxes and skins for weapons, clothing and other items. In addition to the well-known Battlepoints, there are other in-game currencies with which you can buy skins and more. On the one hand there are the so-called L-Coins, which can also be purchased at face value.

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Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet in PUBG Lite

Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet are 2 of the new ingame currencies in PUBG Lite

There are also so-called chicken medals . The chicken medal can be obtained, for example, through regular logins, daily challenges, through the Lite Pass, through the purchase of loot boxes with battle points or through other events. The Chicken Medal is an alternative to the L-Coin and can be used to open loot boxes. The Silver Bullets are also new . You get this when you dismantle double or unpopular skins using the Exchange button. They can be used to buy other special skins in the Silver Bullet Store. With the Lite Pass you get rewards for level up. This can, of course for money, be used for the Premium Lite Passbe upgraded so that you are rewarded more often and more extensively. For my taste, a little bit of bells and whistles with all these currencies, but apparently that must be the case these days.

What are the game modes in PUBG Lite?

The player finds the three maps Erangel, Sanhok and Mirarmar with reduced surrounding graphics. As in Steam-PUBG, PUBG Lite offers all match configurations that the heart desires in FPP and TPP mode. Solo, Duo, Squad, 1-man Squad etc. There is a training mode and on top of that you are currently testing in a Beta 4vs4 matches and user-defined matches. So there is definitely enough to do.

In order to stabilize matchmaking, the rounds are apparently currently being filled with bots. As a rule, these should not be a big challenge, but can sometimes take a lucky shot if you are not careful. It is not yet known whether the bots will stay in there. At the moment you can easily assume 50% (or more) bots in a round with 100 players. The loot also seems to have been increased and improved compared to the Steam version.

PUBG Lite game modes

All known game modes and the 3 maps Erangel, Sanhok and Miramar are represented in PUBG Lite.

How can I download PUBG Lite?

As mentioned, the game is not available on Steam, but requires its own client. You can download the launcher from lite.pubg.com/download/ .

Download the client and then install it on the PC

Log in with the PUBG Lite account or, if necessary, create a new one first

Logged in the launcher to start the installation of just under 2.7 GB.

Have fun! Of course, you can also add friends based on their nicknames or add players from the last round as friends.

My personal conclusion shortly after the release of PUBG Lite

PUBG Lite is not only aimed at players with weaker hardware, but in my eyes it is also quite well suited for casual gamers who often only have to lose out in a duel with the “legends” and frequent players in classic PUBG on Steam. In addition to real players, hitting bots from time to time that fill up the round should also allow beginners one or the other shot and successfully triggers the reward center in the brain. You quickly get used to the reduced surrounding graphics and the game runs really smoothly. The frustration factor is significantly lower than in the Steam PUBG. The first rounds were a lot of fun for us and in the end it is what matters when you gamble with your friends in the evening!


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