What is LinkedIn?

At LinkedIn ‘the more connections you have, the more you will be found’

With LinkedIn, you can standardize your information into predefined categories including ‘Profile Headline’, ‘Summary’, ‘Education’, ‘Company’ etc. Based on this information, LinkedIn search tool allows professionals to find the person they’re looking for and connect with it. LinkedIn has always been used as a source for employment, both from the standpoint of potential employees and potential employers. LinkedIn being the largest data base of professionals is one of the most popular means of utilizing contacts for business and career management.

The most significant characteristic of LinkedIn apart from its enormous reach is that it ‘levels the playing field for everyone’. LinkedIn helps professionals in running their business, promoting blogs, seeking potential employees and connect with potential employers.

How LinkedIn Helps You In Business?

LinkedIn is an ideal source for promoting your business, why?

It’s because with LinkedIn, you can compete with huge and well-established businesses. LinkedIn allows you to tell your company’s story, highlight upcoming company’s events, share interesting information about your product, engage followers and establish your company’s expert image. In this way professionals who otherwise might not know about your organization have access to all of your apposite information. This is the reason why LinkedIn members predominantly rank more on Google. Awesome, isn’t it?

How to use LinkedIn apps effectively?

With the latest apps of LinkedIn like Blog link, Events, WordPress, Google presentation, Box.net, and Company Buzz etc. you can not only engage followers by keeping them informed about company’s latest updates but also leverage your business’s visibility in the global marketplace.

Till yet, LinkedIn has quite a few interesting applications at the moment that will help you leverage your business. Here’s A Brief Rundown of LinkedIn Apps

  • Slideshare – Share your presentations on LinkedIn
  • Events – Find events on LinkedIn and set up your own
  • WordPress – Sync your WordPress blog into your LinkedIn profile
  • Projects and Teamspaces – Get work done with your LinkedIn Connections
  • Display – Show your creative work on LinkedIn
  • GitHub – Share your projects on LinkedIn

How To Get Your Blog Featured with LinkedIn?

Despite of the fact that LinkedIn is best used for career networking, many bloggers use it to promote their blog content too. If you plan to promote your blog via LinkedIn, spend some time making connections with professionals from the same industry and build relationships with people who might be interested in reading your blog content.

Be sure to create a complete and impressive LinkedIn profile and don’t forget to include your blog’s URL. LinkedIn can be an ideal way to nail your name and become popular among the professionals of your industry. As people learn who you are, through your LinkedIn profile, they’re more likely to click on your blog’s URL and see what you have to say. While it’s improbable that you will generate a huge traffic after you join LinkedIn, the relationships you build through LinkedIn connections will drive knock-on traffic eventually.


Although LinkedIn was established as a career-oriented professional networking site that initially individuals use to find jobs and employers use to promote business and seek the best fit, but with the passage of time this professional networking site has got ‘social’ elements and now offers wide variety of networking services.

LinkedIn has leveled the playing field for everyone; and at LinkedIn it’s all about networking.

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