What is Katana in Free Fire

Free fire is a mobile battle royale game released by Garena in 2017. It is one of the world’s most popular mobile games, with millions of players logging in every day. In 2019, the game became the most downloaded game on Google Play Store, with over 100 million daily players by 2020.

There are numerous weapons to choose from in Free Fire. Based on their characteristics, they are divided into nine categories. Melee Weapon is one of the categories, despite the fact that the majority of them are guns. Melee Weapons are available in five different types. In Free Fire, you can use the Fist, Bat, Pan, Machete, and Katana.

Today, we’ll show you everything there is to know about the Katana in Free Fire, including how to use it to complete the Hayato Awaken Mission.

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Katana’s stats in Free Fire

The following are Katana’s official stats in Free Fire:

Possible Outcomes: 5

Damage: 66

Fire Rate: 32

Magazine: 0

Reload Speed: 0

Accuracy points: 10

Movement Speed: 88

Armour penetration: 0

“Samurai’s favourite weapon,” says the weapon’s description.

Katana has a high damage per shot of 66 and a decent rate of fire of 32, just like other melee weapons. It does not necessitate the use of ammo. The weapon’s range is limited, but it is compensated by its fast movement speed when in your hands.

Katana isn’t very useful as a melee weapon in Free Fire, where there are a lot of guns that can kill people from afar. Unless you have no other weapon or have run out of ammo early in the game, you should fight other players with Katana.

Katana, on the other hand, has a place in Free Fire. Because it has a fast movement speed, players frequently hold it while running to increase their speed. It can also be used to finish a knocked-out player without wasting ammo.

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Locations of Katana in Free Fire

There are no fixed locations where you can find the Katana on Free Fire because it spawns randomly across maps. Larger locations are easier to find, but they are also more crowded with players and more dangerous than smaller locations, so go there at your own risk.

In Free Fire, how do you complete the Hayato Awaken Mission with Katana?

Hayato Awaken, the game’s second Awaken character, was released in the most recent update. Hayato Awaken can only be unlocked by completing Hayato Awaken missions.

Because Hayato is a samurai, he has one Awaken mission that requires the player to kill three other players with the Katana in all modes (except for Room matches).

As previously stated, the Katana is a weak weapon that requires you to get extremely close to other players in order to deal damage, making this a difficult quest. However, this does not rule out the possibility. Here are a few methods for quickly obtaining Katana in Free Fire.

First and foremost, here are the best places in Bermuda to find a Katana to complete the quest.

Here are the best ways to get kills with Katana and complete the Hayato Awaken mission in Free Fire:

Play games with your pals. It’s simple: play in squad more with your friends and ask them not to kill knocked-out players so you can finish them off with your Katana. Unless your squad has a particularly bad luck streak, you should be able to complete this quest in just one match.

Hit your enemies with your gun until their health is low, then use your Katana to finish them off. You’ll be able to finish them off with one hit thanks to the Katana’s high damage.

Stay in a remote area and play normal Battle Royale mode. All you have to do is stay put for a while, and the bots will come after you. You can simply run at them and kill them with your Katana.

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More about Free Fire

Garena’s bio 111 Dots Studio and Garena International Pvt Ltd developed and published Free Fire, a battle royale game. Garena is a platform for digital entertainment. In Southeast Asia and Taiwan, we develop and publish online computer games. Forrest Li, the current chairman and group CEO, founded the company in Singapore in 2019. Android and iOS versions of Free Fire are also available. This application includes a 4-man squad, in-game voice chat, and realistic and smooth graphics, among other features.

Then Each ten-minute game transports you to a remote island where you compete against 49 other players. The players can then choose a starting point with their parachutes at their leisure. and make an effort to stay in a safe zone. Then there are no restrictions in the free fire game because you can drive vehicles to explore the map and hide in trenches. The game layout and controls are both very user-friendly. In 2018, Free Fire was the second most downloaded game on Google Play and the fourth most downloaded game on iOS worldwide.

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