What is CS Mode in Free Fire and its Features?

What is CS Mode in Free Fire and its Features?

Free fire is one the most popular game which has been liked by most of the players around the globe and that’s the reason it has around 500 million+ downloads from play store, apple store and direct download from online websites too. I must say this is the reason which makes it a good preference among the people. According to my knowledge, most of the people who prefer playing these types of games search for good graphics and of course the top-notch demanded at the most. This is one of the best games of ultimate survival in which shooting has been preferred the most liked preference as per most of the gamers around the globe. Free fire is in the list of world most played games in the survival shooting and being till the end. There is quite a crowd who are almost crazy about this game and want to know everything about it. The game has acquired quite due to its uniqueness and there are several updates available from time to time making it more accurate and interesting for interested players. 

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The Free Fire game of Garena offers the players to play in many modes such as the classic, clash squad, kill secured and most importantly the ranked. The classic play mode in this game is the standard one while the clash squad can be said as a round-based multiplayer in which the players are divided from the group of 8 in two main categories known as the war bringers and the Howlers. The players play these modes on a different combination such as Bermuda, Kalahari and the Purgatory map been set up. We are going to make a brief discussion on the CS or clash squad of the Free Fire in this article.  there are some of the features of this mode important to be known by the Free Fire players.  

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Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire:

In the game of Free Fire, the most famous mode by most of the players is the classic model. As this mode has been a dedicated fanbase which provides its ranked system. The players who have reached the level 12 or above can surely participate in clash squad which is a ranked mode that allows the player to play against each other as the war bringers and the howlers. This game round is having the count of the first 7 rounds and the first team to win the 4 rounds is awarded the Booyah.

 The players are here allowed to buy the weapons and the armours in the buy phase before the round is started. The player can play the mode of this CSD or clash squad in the mode selection option made available in the game. There are random maps available in which the players can find the options of selecting the clash squad on Bermuda, Kalahari and the Purgatory. There is a custom option made available in the bottom right corner.

The clash squad mode is the game round of 4×4. This is liked by the players and is often enjoyed in various level ahead. There are ranked system been set up for various ranks and reward to be offered to the players in the game. As in the BR mode, the players here don’t collect the loot in the clash squad as soon as one round is over as here the rules are somewhat different or I can say unique. The players buy the squad before the further round is been started this procedure is the compulsory part. In the phase, they can buy the guns, armours and other important utilities they find important.

The phase mentioned above is quite important. The player here needs to plan their purchase as well as the strategy to follow with the coordination of the teammates. The rounds here in this phase is very short which is about 15-20 seconds long. In the first few second the buying procedure takes place while in the coming 30 seconds the circle size where the fight takes place doesn’t change at all. While the 2 minutes ahead it starts shrinking and becomes shorter and shorter as time passes. The first round is the time the players have the maximum money to choose to buy the piston between the M500 or the G18.

The game is quite interesting as the time passes by. There are so much the players can explore and play the royal clash mode to experience something new a bit different from the classic standard mode mostly preferred by the player all the time. There is some player who always prefers the clash squad mode over all the others. The relevant skills and experience will surely award you with the extra reward for sure. Also, the procedure here is quite simple to follow. I hope the above article is somewhat useful. Happy gaming.


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