What is a Free Fire Ranked Match

Do you play Free Fire? Do you know what a Free Fire ranked match is? If you don’t know, read on. We will explain to you what a Free Fire ranked match is, what Free Fire patents are, rewards and more. Good reading!

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What is a Free Fire Ranked Match?

Free Fire ranked matches are used to define the ranking of your players. Players have a period to show their skills and be rewarded with patents and rewards.

Free Fire Patents

In order for the player to play a ranked match, he must reach level five of experience. Points are earned when completing games and missions. When the player reaches 1000 points, he qualifies for the first division of the ranking. Currently, there are six of them:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Dialy
  • Master

Almost all of them have sub-divisions. Patents are used to classify players who play in competitive mode. That is, ranked matches.

During the season, players face off in ranked matches. Scoring occurs at the end of each game based on various data, such as numbers of deaths, survival time and placement.

In addition to raising their rank, players can receive rewards that include avatars and banners. The player will be rewarded according to the best rank he has achieved. Depending on the result, the player can start in a higher league. In the next topic you will understand better about the rewards of each patent.

Free Fire rewards

Bronze Patent

  • Bronze I: 1,000 gold coins
  • Bronze II: 1000 models, 1 Airdrop, 1 scanner and 5 token rank
  • Bronze III: 1000 coins, 1 bonfire, 1 treasure map, 10 token rank

Silver Patent

  • Silver I: 1500 coins, silver banner, 2 airdrop, 20 token rank
  • Silver II: 1500 coins, 1 airdrop, 2 treasure maps, 30 token rank
  • Silver III: 1500 coins, 1 bonfire, 2 scanners, 40 token rank

Gold Patent

  • Gold I: 2000 coins, gold banner, gold jacket, 50 token rank
  • Gold II: 2000 coins, double XP card, gold ticket, 70 token rank
  • Gold III: 2000 coins, 2 bonfires, 2 airdrops, 90 token rank
  • Gold IV: 2000 coins, 2 airdrops, 2 treasure maps, 110 token rank

Platinum Patent

  • Platinum I: 2500 coins, platinum banner, double XP card, 150 token rank
  • Platinum II: 2500 coins, 2 bonfires, 2 gold tickets, 200 token rank
  • Platinum III: 2500 coins, 3 scanners, 2 airdrops, 250 token rank
  • Platinum IV: 2500 coins, 3 gold tickets, 2 treasure maps, 300 token rank

Diamond Patent

  • Diamond I: 3000 coins, diamond banner  , double gold card, 350 token rank
  • Diamond II: 3000 coins, 3 bonfires, 2 boxes, 425 token rank
  • Diamond III: 3000 coins, 3 treasure maps, 3 boxes, 525 token rank
  • Diamond IV: 3000 coins, 3 airdrops, 3 gold tickets, 625 token rank

Master Patent

  • Master: 5000 coins, master banner, master jacket, 750 token rank, master wallpaper.

How to get points in a ranked match?

Now that you understand what is patent on Free Fire and how to get rewards on  Free Fire , we can continue. Certainly, you want to be the best at Free Fire and become a master. Below are some tips for you to achieve this:

  • Have a good ranking with every game you play
  • Have the most kills
  • Relive your friends
  • Damage your opponents
  • Survival time, the longer the better.

I hope you understand what a Free Fire ranked match is. Now it’s up to you! Train and practice a lot so that you can become a master in Free Fire.

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