What are the Goals in Free Fire Game

Free Fire is a Battle Royale style game, inspired by PUBG. To win the game, you need to be the last survivor. And if your question was just to know what the goal of Free Fire is, that’s the answer: survive until the end of the game.

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In this article, we will give you some tips on how to win the game. Certainly, if you are reading this article it is because you want to be a Free Fire master. And we will help you with that. The game features action-packed matches, different weapons and varied modes to test the skills of its many players.

Read on to find out how to be a winner in this fascinating game.

What is the purpose of Free Fire?

As stated earlier, the Free Fire game is a survival game, available for both Android and iOS. In online matches, the goal of Free Fire is to be the last survivor in an arena with 50 players.

But, how to win on Free Fire? After all, if you decided to play Free Fire, you don’t want to die halfway. And this is what we are going to teach you, since you now know what the goal of Free Fire is. Below you can find some tips on how to play Free Fire (and win!).

Fall in the right place

You need to know well where to fall, right at the start of the match. This is what will determine your immediate survival. The recommended option is to choose locations farther from the central line where the plane is passing.

This will give you more time to find equipment and weapons without getting involved in any combat. To do this, you must move the virtual analog to the side you want to plan. After that, wait until your character moves away and then open your parachute.

Be quick to catch loot

You certainly don’t want to get into combat without having weapons and equipment. Because of this, after you hit the ground you should start looking. First of all, you must take everything you find ahead. After all, you will be able to change or improve the equipment later on.

Below you can check the 4 essential items for your survival in order of importance:

  • Weapons: essential for you to go into combat and beat your opponents.
  • Helmet: Helps you to defend yourself from snipers, reducing head damage.
  • Vest: protects your torso, reducing damage if you are hit in the body.
  • Backpack: increases the number of equipment you can carry.

Avoid open fields

If an opponent sees you, you will not be able to hide if you are running through open fields. Always walk around buildings and if you need to cross a field, always try to walk close to the trees.

But be careful! There are players who use the trees as a hiding place to surprise opponents.

Keep your life bar full

In Free Fire this is essential. If you are injured, you can heal quickly. Falls and gunshots take your life, and with bandages available, you don’t need to be injured and vulnerable.

Stay tuned to the safe zone

On the minimap, you can see a white circle that delimits the safe zone. Pay attention to that circle. When it reappears, run inside quickly, so that you are not eliminated by the radiation. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for other players.

Move yourself

In Free Fire it is essential that you are not an easy target. So don’t stand still so that you are seen by your opponents. When picking up an item or checking a body, lie down to make it more difficult to be noticed. If they shoot at you, jump or duck to make it harder to get hit.

Let others kill themselves

Want to survive? Let others kill themselves and just wait. You don’t have to go into combat if you don’t have to. This strategy is called “doing camping”. It may not be very popular with some players, but it works.


Our last tip is not really a tip, it’s more advice: practice! If you like the game Free Fire, you need to practice to be able to play and win. The game is really fun, but you certainly don’t want to play just for playing. So, train yourself to be the winner. I hope you understand what the goal of Free Fire is. Follow our tips and have fun during your games!

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