How To View Saved WiFi Passwords On Android.

Last time i was at Cafe with my friends and i often use to go there that’s why i have saved WiFi password of that cafe in my android.Now my friend want to access WiFi but he didn’t know the password and i also forgot the WiFi password. Now i have two options that i can ask to workers for WiFi password and other one is i can view saved WiFi passwords on my android. I would like to go with second option because i don’t want to bother them just for a WiFi password.

and sometime situations are like we eagerly want to know passwords for a WiFi

Before starting the tutorial let me clear you that the process only work on Rooted android phone to view saved passwords on android. Because the saved passwords are stored in system folder in device and we can’t open it without a root access to device.

So First essential step to retrieve saved WiFi passwords from android is to root your device. There are numerous methods GOOGLE SEARCH LINK to root an android phone. after all there are many ways to view saved WiFi passwords in android. I will show here best of them

View Saved WiFi Passwords in android by ES File Explorer

as we all know that we have to open a system file in Android , for that we need a file manager, and this time we will use ES File explorer because android default file manager will not work here, it not provides the root privileges  and with ES File Explorer we can easily see saved WiFi Passwords in android.

here we will use ES File Explorer. So Now fire up ES File Explorer and there will be a folder named as “data”

Navigate to directory data/misc/WiFi and here is our wpa_supplicant.conf file which contains the saved WiFi passwords. Open this file in ES File Explorer’s built-in HTML  viewer for the task.

So now you can easily find saved WiFi Password and make sure that you closed the file without editing otherwise your WiFi may freeze.

Retrieve Saved WiFi Passwords with a android App

Cheers to developer Alexandros Schillings who created an android app NAME which can easily KEYWORD. The App works like a charm even you can share the saved WiFi passwords with others too.

WiFi key recovery can be installed easily from Google Play Store for Free.

After installing WiFi Key Recovery tool when you’ll launch this app , it will ask for Superuser Request , so simply click on “Grant”.

Now you will have a long list of WiFi SSID and Passwords , which you had connected in past. You can also search for a specific WiFi password by searching its SSID in the box SSID Quicksearch.

The feature beyond limits is here that you can share the saved passwords with others too.

Editor’s Desk-  Well that was an easy how to , i’ll recommend to go through first method because no one wants to harm their device by installing unwanted apps.

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