Valorant Convergence 2023 Points Table

Unleashing Valorant Convergence 2023: A Historic Esports Showdown

Get ready for an exhilarating chapter in the history of Indian esports as Riot Games joins forces with The Esports Club for the groundbreaking International OFF//SEASON VALORANT esports event – Valorant Convergence 2023. This article unfolds the details of this monumental tournament that promises to redefine the esports landscape in India.

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Unleashing Valorant Convergence 2023Riot Games collaborates with The Esports Club for the first International OFF//SEASON VALORANT event in India.
Bangalore’s Manpho Convention CentreSix teams compete in group stage; Grand Finals decide the ultimate winner.
Valorant Convergence 2023 Points TableDetailed points table for Group A and Group B, showcasing team performances.
Riot Games x TEC’s VALORANT Esports EventSchedule for the matches from December 14 to December 17, including Grand Finals.
Catch the Action: Live Stream DetailsInformation on live streaming via TEC’s YouTube channel and other official channels.

The Partnership that Ignited Valorant Convergence 2023

Riot Games has chosen The Esports Club, a renowned organization, as its ally in orchestrating the first-ever International OFF//SEASON VALORANT esports event in India, named Convergence. The collaboration aims to elevate the gaming experience and set new benchmarks in the Indian esports scene.

The Main Event: Bangalore’s Manpho Convention Centre

The battleground is set at Bangalore’s Manpho Convention Centre, where six teams will engage in fierce competition during the group stage, leading up to the Grand Finals. Valorant enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing top-tier gameplay and cheering for their favorite teams.

Valorant Convergence 2023 Points Table: Keeping Score

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of the Valorant Convergence 2023 points table. Stay up-to-date with the performance metrics of each team during the group stages.

Group A

PositionTeamMatches (W-L)Maps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round DifferencePoints
1Team Vitality2-04-052-29+236
2FURIA Esports0-10-217-26-90
3Global Esports0-10-212-26-140

Group B

PositionTeamMatches (W-L)Maps (W-L)Rounds (W-L)Round DifferencePoints
1FUT Esports1-02-027-16+113
2Gen.G Esports1-02-136-31+53
3True Rippers0-21-447-63-160

The Showdown Schedule: Riot Games x TEC’s VALORANT Esports Event

Get your calendars ready for the action-packed schedule of Riot Games x TEC’s VALORANT esports event.

14 December

  • Match 1: Gen.G Esports vs True Rippers
  • Match 2: Global Esports vs Team Vitality

15 December

  • Match 3: FUT Esports vs True Rippers
  • Match 4: FURIA Esports vs Team Vitality

16 December

  • Match 5: FUT Esports vs Gen.G Esports
  • Match 6: Global Esports vs FURIA Esports

17 December – Grand Finals

Catch the Action: Live Stream Details

Don’t miss a single moment of the Valorant Convergence 2023 showdown. Tune in to TEC’s YouTube channel for live streaming. Additionally, catch the live streams on the official YouTube channels of VCT Pacific & VCT Esports SA, and the VALORANT_Pacific Twitch channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. <strong>Q1: What makes Valorant Convergence 2023 historic?</strong>

    A: Valorant Convergence 2023 is historic as it marks Riot Games’ collaboration with The Esports Club for the first-ever International OFF//SEASON VALORANT esports event in India.

  2. <strong>Q2: Where is the main event taking place?</strong>

    A: The main event is hosted at Bangalore’s Manpho Convention Centre.

  3. <strong>Q3: How can I keep track of team performances?</strong>

    A: Stay updated with the Valorant Convergence 2023 points table provided in this article.

  4. <strong>Q4: Where can I watch the live stream of Valorant Convergence 2023 matches?</strong>

    A: Catch the live action on TEC’s YouTube channel, VCT Pacific & VCT Esports SA official YouTube channels, and VALORANT_Pacific Twitch channel.

  5. <strong>Q5: When is the Grand Finals of Valorant Convergence 2023?</strong>

    A: The Grand Finals are scheduled for 17 December. Tune in for the epic showdown!

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