How to play Valorant with a controller on PC

Over the past few years, Valorant has remained one of the most downloaded games on the PC platform. Fans of FPS games were drawn to the unique abilities of characters and tactical shooter mechanics in this game. There has been no news regarding the release of a console version of the game, although it continues to receive quite a bit of support on the PC platform. Alternatively, if you’re a console player and want to experience Valorant on PC, you can use controller mapping software that’s available to cover the keyboard’s buttons.  Valorant is presently only available on PC and is primarily optimized for playing with a mouse and keyboard. For now, though, our Valorant session won’t begin with a gaming pad (read more here). When a controller is used instead of the traditional mouse and keyboard setup, what will we gain?

Is Valorant playable on a controller?

Valorant can be played with a controller technically. The most optimal method is not to use a controller. There is no way to match the precision of a keyboard and mouse setup with a controller, and while all movements will appear smooth, it will not offer any advantage in gameplay.

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Value is a game that requires detail and precision. We have to stay on top of our enemies while controlling the recoil of our weapons as they move constantly. Agent abilities are also present, which often require correct setup. We expect a separate ranking system for PC and consoles when Valorant comes out on consoles, since all of that will be easier with keyboards and mice.

The PC version of Riot Games’ anticipated first-person shooter Valorant has been released today. Overwatch and Counter-Strike are incorporated into the game, as well as the popular and loved titles. Though it does not support controllers natively, it can still be played with a controller. You’re in the right place if you’re looking to play Valorant with a PlayStation 4 controller. Based on my experience, I recommend not using a controller for a fast-paced competitive game like Valorant as it requires skill and honed instincts to take down enemies in critical moments. In Valorant, players control agents who have unique abilities and purchase weapons and abilities according to a price system. Having said that, let’s get started.

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Valorant can be played with a PS4 controller if you do the following:

  • Installation can be downloaded from the DS4Windows website
  • Using Winrar or 7zip, extract the zip file. Run the DS4Windows.exe program.
  • Double-click the Program Folder button.
  • You should see your controller under Controllers after connecting it.

To map buttons, follow these steps:

  • Select the Profiles tab.
  • Click the New button.
  • After that, you’ll be able to map keystrokes to the controller in a new window.
  • By clicking any of the buttons on the left side, you can select the action each button will perform. Configure the controller according to your needs.
  • When you’re finished, launch Valorant from your desktop and use the controller to see if it works.

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Valorant Controller Risks: What Are They?

You run the risk of tricking the game into recognizing your controller inputs by using the remapper.You might be banned if Riot Games believes you are using a glitch to create an unfair advantage in the game.The twitchy nature of Valorant demands precise aiming that is difficult to achieve from a regular console controller, which is why playing with a controller is perhaps more challenging than playing with a mouse and keyboard.

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