Updates at the Moco Store in Free Fire MAX

Hey Gamers, Have You Heard About the Latest Moco Store Rollout in Free Fire MAX?

If you’re a Free Fire MAX player in India, mark your calendars! From November 8 to November 22, 2023, an exciting new event is live, and it’s loaded with some pretty cool collectibles. We’re talking about Skywings, Arrival Animations, bundles, and a whole lot more. But what’s really got everyone talking is the two types of prizes up for grabs – the Grand Prizes and the Bonus Prizes.

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Event OverviewFree Fire MAX Moco Store event in India from Nov 8 to Nov 22, 2023.
PrizesGrand Prizes (Guardian Drachen Skywing, bundles, rare gun skins) and Bonus Prizes (unique backpacks, Cosmic Drachen, Skywings).
ParticipationRequires diamonds to spin for prizes after selecting one item from each prize category.
StrategyIncreasing cost of spins (9 to 499 diamonds) demands strategic selection, especially for high-value items.
How to Get Top ItemsNavigate to Luck Royale, select Moco Store tab, prioritize rare items, and use diamonds for spins.

Grand Prizes: The Coveted Collection

In the Grand Prizes section, there’s a ton to get excited about. The highlight here is the Guardian Drachen Skywing, which is just stunning. There are also various eye-catching bundles and rare gun skins. Imagine swooping into the game with that Skywing or showing off those unique skins!

Bonus Prizes: The Unexpected Surprises

Don’t overlook the Bonus Prizes section. It’s packed with unique backpacks, the Cosmic Drachen, and more Skywings. It’s like a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked!

How to Dive into the Moco Store Event

Getting Your Hands on the Prizes

To join in on the fun, you’ll need to part with some diamonds. Choose one item from each prize category, then spin the wheel to see if you can claim them. But remember, each spin will cost you more diamonds than the last, starting from 9 and going up to 499. So, think strategically!

The Top Picks: Guardian Drachen Skywing and Brisk Gallop Arrival Animation

Everyone’s talking about how to snag the Guardian Drachen Skywing and the Brisk Gallop Arrival Animation. Here’s the deal: head over to the Luck Royale event section and click on the Moco Store event tab. Prioritize the rarest items like the Guardian Drachen Skywing for the best value. Keep spinning with your diamonds until you get what you’re after.

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FAQs: All You Need to Know

  1. 1. What’s new in the latest Moco Store update in Free Fire MAX?

    The latest update features a variety of collectibles including Skywings, Arrival Animations, bundles, and more. The key attractions are the Guardian Drachen Skywing and the Brisk Gallop Arrival Animation.

  2. 2. When is the Moco Store event happening?

    The event is running from November 8 to November 22, 2023.

  3. 3. How can I participate in the Moco Store event?

    Spend diamonds to choose items from the Grand and Bonus Prize categories, then spin the wheel for a chance to win them.

  4. 4. What are the costs of spins in the event?

    The cost of spins increases with each attempt, starting from 9 diamonds and going up to 499 diamonds.

  5. 5. How can I maximize my chances of getting the best items?

    Prioritize rare items like the Guardian Drachen Skywing and strategically plan your spins considering the increasing cost.

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