Unlocking the Sawblade Challenge Room in Prince of Persia

Unlocking the Sawblade Challenge Room in Prince of Persia

Hey fellow adventurers! Today, we’re diving into the intricacies of unlocking the elusive Sawblade Challenge Room in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. It’s a thrilling optional challenge that might just be the toughest you’ll encounter on your journey. So, let’s get into the details, step by step.

Exploring the Hidden Floor– Access hidden floor between Lower City and The Depths – Need Lost Key from Scrapper – Double jump ability required
Navigating The Depths– Fall into The Depths during “The Tiger and the Rat” – Head to Lower City for challenge room – Recommended to follow “The Path to the Sand Prison” quest without a map
The Scrapper and the Old Key– Scrapper accepts Xerxes Coins – Halfway between Depths and Lower City, find a secret floor – Old Key unlocks a Treasure Chest with an Amulet – Real challenge begins after finishing “The Darkest of Souls” main quest and obtaining Gravity Wings
Initiating the Sawblade Challenge– Sawblade Challenge Room available post-“The Darkest of Souls” quest – Use Old Key to activate trap via elevator – Face spinning sawblade traps – Challenges escalate through moving columns, swapping positions, and using special powers
Facing the Spinning Sawblades– Moving Sawblade Columns: Rush or wall-jump – Position Swapping: Stay still to avoid trick – Using Shadow of the Simurgh: Construct spots to teleport – Dimensional Sawblades: Dash past with Clairvoyance – Reality Switching: Switch between realities for jumps – Increasing Speed: Rush through dimensional sawblades – Top and Bottom Rows: Move swiftly or use Clairvoyance to avoid closely spaced sawblades
Claiming Your Reward– Successfully navigating gauntlet unlocks hatch – Reach Treasure Chest with Lilac Cosmetic Skin for Sargon – Double jump into the hatch for the final triumph

Exploring the Hidden Floor

If you’re up for a challenge, there’s a hidden floor nestled between the Lower City and The Depths. To access this mysterious area, you’ll need the Lost Key, which you can purchase from the eccentric Scrapper near the Citadel Elevator in The Depths. Make sure you have the double jump ability, and you’re good to go!

Navigating The Depths

After falling into The Depths during “The Tiger and the Rat,” head to the Lower City, where the challenge room awaits. Without a map, it’s recommended to follow “The Path to the Sand Prison,” the subsequent quest. Upon your return to The Depths, take a left at the room housing the Citadel Elevator to meet the Scrapper.

The Scrapper and the Old Key

The Scrapper is not your typical vendor; he only accepts Xerxes Coins as payment. Engage in a chat, and halfway between The Depths and the Lower City, you’ll discover the secret floor. The Scrapper offers an Old Key that unlocks a Treasure Chest containing an Amulet. The real challenge, however, comes later.

Initiating the Sawblade Challenge

The Sawblade Challenge Room becomes available after completing “The Darkest of Souls” main quest and obtaining the Gravity Wings power. Utilize the Old Key to return to the hidden floor via the elevator and activate the trap in the little arena using the pole.

Facing the Spinning Sawblades

Prepare yourself for a series of spinning sawblade traps reminiscent of Kaheva’s side mission. The challenges escalate, so let’s break them down:

  1. Moving Sawblade Columns:
    • Rush between or wall-jump over moving sawblade columns.
  2. Position Swapping:
    • Sawblades on the top and bottom swap positions; stay still to avoid the trick.
  3. Using Shadow of the Simurgh:
    • Construct a spot with the Shadow to teleport before the sawblades cross the room.
  4. Dimensional Sawblades:
    • Dash past spiked and purple sawblades using Clairvoyance.
  5. Reality Switching:
    • Begin switching between realities to make jumps; construct Shadow Points strategically.
  6. Increasing Speed:
    • Dimensional sawblades intensify; rush through and switch realities swiftly.
  7. Top and Bottom Rows:
    • Sawblades appear in closely spaced rows; move quickly or use Clairvoyance.

Claiming Your Reward

Successfully navigating this gauntlet unlocks a hatch at the top. Rush beneath it, wall-jump to a Treasure Chest with a Lilac Cosmetic Skin for Sargon, and then double jump into the hatch.

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