Unlock UltraSound in BGMI

Unlock UltraSound in BGMI

There was a long wait going on by the Indian players for the PUBG Mobile game to come back but all that waiting is finally coming to its end as the Krafton company has released the Indian version of PUBG Mobile with an Indian twist included within the game. This Indian version is known as Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). This is huge for all the Indian PUBG fans who were completely devasted by the news of the PUBG game been ban from the country. However, till now the game can only be played on Android phones as the iOS version is still not been released. Well, the iOS device users need to wait a little bit longer to get their hands on BGMI. Known we all are aware of the news that the global version of PUBG was banned earlier by the Indian government back in 2021 due to the national dispute between the two countries. Well, this ban was a part of the digital Airstrike in the country China.

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Since that particular time, there has been a lot of mechanical changes made within the game. But now everything is kind of ok as the company Krafton has taken its charge and with that takes the publishing right directly from Tencent. Meanwhile, the players have been given a lot of options that they can use in BGMI either they can go with the 90FPS feature or the Ultra HD graphic settings. But as per the reviews given by a lot of active players, there are several players out there who face difficulty in hearing the sound of the enemy or some things that can locally be described as footsteps. Well, this difficulty is kind of valid as this feature is only been made for some high-end devices. But with this, the main question that is been asked around by a lot of active players are: Is there any way to unlock the ultrasound option in BGMI or even in PUBG Mobile? Well, the answer is yes of course. As some ways can be used to unlock the ultrasound effect present in the BGMI as well in the PUBG Mobile game too. The procedure is kind of easy to follow. Till now you must have understood that this article is going to be about the procedure that players can use to unlock the Ultrasound in BGMI as well as in the PUBG Mobile game. So, if you are in search of clearing your doubt for the same then. To know more let’s proceed with our article without wasting any more time.

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Step-by-Step procedure on how can UltraSound feature be unlocked in BGMI and PUBG Mobile:

Just like the various options been made available in the PUBG Mobile game the same can even be expected by the players in BGMI. One such amazing feature is Ultrasound. But as we have discussed earlier in this article that this feature was initially designed to be used in high-end devices and that is why players with normal smartphones are facing many associated problems. With it. Here we are going to see some cool tricks that can be used by the players to unlock the ultrasound effect in the BGMI game. Some necessary steps that are quite easy to follow to unlock this feature in your respective low-end or mid-end devices are as follows. One more thing that is important for the players to know is that these steps can only be used in Android devices for the iOS device the steps will be updated soon. Let’s explore the steps now.

  1. At first, the player is required to open the play store and then kindly do search for the GFX tool available for both BGMI as well PUBG Mobile. The other thing that I would like to suggest is to use the X-plore File manager application that is kind of suitable for these kinds of features.
  2. Now after this kindly install that application on your respective smartphones and then do run the application by giving it the essential storage permissions.
  3. After that open the tool and follow up the path given as below:

Internet Shared Storage< Android< Data   

  • Now proceed towards the data folder and then over there locate the com.pubg.imobile folder
  • Soon after that follow up the below path:

com.pubg.imobile< Files< UE4Game< ShadowTrackerExtra< Saved< Config< Android

  • After all the steps above are completed then now you will get an UserSettings.ini file been located inside the Android folder. Kindly do open it.
  • That is all just select the file over there and then hit the edit option.
  • The next thing you are required to do is to edit the SoundQualityType=1 and then change it to SoundQualityType=2. Once you are finished with all this then kindly navigate to the three dots buttons been located at the top right corner of the very screen and then from the drop-down menu do select the save option.

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And with this, we are done. After this kindly open your respective game and then directly head towards the in-game settings and then select the audio setting. After this, inside the audio setting, you will notice that the lock button has already been disappeared. Now over there select the ultrasound option and enjoy the music which is your favourite in BGMI with more enhanced sound effects.


I hope the information been shared was helpful to all my readers.


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