How to Unlock Parachute in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game known for its realistic battle royale experience, which begins the moment you parachute down from an airplane onto the battleground. The parachute is your first companion in this high-octane survival game. But did you know you can unlock various parachute skins to descent in style? This guide elaborates on the different methods to unlock parachute skins in PUBG, enhancing your gaming experience right from the skydive.

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Purchasing Parachute SkinsBuy individual parachute skins with real money.Bengal Tiger Skin​​
Using In-game CurrencyUnlock parachute skins using silver coins in PUBG Mobile.
Special UnlockableObtain special parachutes by following unique steps.Golden Jiscar Parachute​​
Collecting Parachute SkinsCollect various skins to diversify skydiving experiences.Pixel Art Skin, chocoTaco’s Parachute​​

Purchasing Parachute Skins

Bengal Tiger Parachute Skin

In PUBG, one of the ways to stand out is by donning exclusive parachute skins. For instance, the Bengal Tiger parachute skin can be purchased separately as an individual item for $4.99. This skin not only gives your parachute a fierce look but also makes your descent onto the battlefield a spectacle for others to behold​​.

Using In-game Currency

Unlocking Parachutes with Silver Coins

PUBG Mobile offers a variety of parachutes that can be unlocked using in-game currency. According to a YouTube tutorial, players can unlock certain parachute skins using silver coins​. These coins can be earned by participating in battles, completing missions, or through daily logins. Investing your silver coins in parachute skins can be a way to personalize your battle royale experience.

Special Unlockable Parachutes

Golden Jiscar Parachute

For those looking for an exclusive parachute skin, the Golden Jiscar Parachute is a hidden gem. This special parachute can be obtained by following a unique method:

  • Change your in-game language to Simplified Chinese.
  • Restart the game lobby.
  • Navigate to the updated news feed in the game, and confirm day 1 of your login.
  • Repeat the login confirmation for 3 consecutive days to unlock the Golden Jiscar Parachute​.

Collecting Parachute Skins

Various Parachute Skins

The PUBG universe is filled with a variety of parachute skins, each with its unique design and aesthetics. From the Bengal Tiger skin to Pixel Art skin, chocoTaco’s Parachute, and Flyin’ Ryan parachute, there’s a skin for every taste​​. Collecting different parachute skins not only adds to your collection but also provides a diverse skydiving experience in each game.

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  1. 1. Can I purchase parachute skins in PUBG?

    Yes, parachute skins like the “Bengal Tiger” skin can be purchased in PUBG.

  2. 2. How can I unlock parachutes using in-game currency in PUBG Mobile?

    Yes parachutes can be unlocked using silver coins in PUBG Mobile.

  3. 3. Is there a special parachute that can be unlocked in PUBG?

    Yes, there’s a special Golden Jiscar Parachute that can be unlocked by following certain steps including changing your language setting to Simplified Chinese.

  4. 4. Where can I find a list of parachute skins available in PUBG?

    The official PUBG Fandom page has a category listing various parachute skins available.

  5. 5. Are there any other methods to unlock parachutes in PUBG?

    The information provided covers the known methods of acquiring or unlocking parachutes in PUBG. Further details might be available in official game updates or community forums.

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