How to Unlock all of the Agents in Valorant

How to Unlock all of the Agents in Valorant

Valorant is one of the world’s most popular FPS and eSports games, but how can you get all of the playable Agents?

Currently, there are over 15 different Agents available in the game, with more being added with the release of each new Act.

Everything that you need to know about unlocking Agents in Valorant can be found right here.

When players initially start the game, they are given the choice of picking any two Agents for free, one after finishing level 5 and the other after completing level 10.

The other Agents in the FPS may be obtained in a variety of methods, both for free and for a fee.

The popular new shooter Valorant places a significant emphasis on its “agents,” which are the game’s protagonists. In a manner analogous to that of Overwatch, each available agent that may be unlocked possesses their own set of skills, abilities, and equipment, in addition to their distinct look. Finding the appropriate agent for a game, or even just a round, requires a lot of careful consideration.

Even the most skilled players of Valorant are required to make the appropriate choice. To begin with, you obviously need to be presented with a number of options before you’ll be in a position to pick the best one. To put it another way, you need to have access to the Valorant agents that are now available. Since the most recent update, version 1.02, there are now a total of 14 agents that can be chosen and played; however, after completing the tutorial, you will only have access to the first two of these agents for free. You are only granted access to the first five tiers of the two agents that you chose during the tutorial after you complete the first contract; in order to access the remaining tiers, you must unlock them in one of two methods.

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Agents in Valorant: How to Unlock Them

There are 14 agents in Valorant as of the 1.02 version, with more to follow in future patches. Once you’ve completed the initial contract, your first two agents are free. Completing the contract also unlocks more agent contracts and grants you free access to the first five levels for the agents you selected in the introduction.

After then, things become a bit more complicated.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must reach to Level 5 with a locked agent before they become a viable choice for your roster. You can do it in a few of ways:

Method that is completely free

  • To begin, open Valorant and go to the Agents area, which is next to the ‘play’ button.
  • To begin the contract, choose any Agent you want to unlock, then click the activate button.
  • You may finish the contract with that Agent by grinding your way through the game. This is possible in every game mode.
  • You’ll have another option of Agent if you’ve achieved enough XP to access Tier 5.
  • Continue this method to unlock all of the Agents; depending on the XP points you gain every match, it takes between 15-30 hours to unlock a single Agent.

Method for a Fee

  • Purchase 1000 Valorant Points with an in-game payment method.
  • Select the Agent you want to unlock from the Agents section.
  • Instead of initiating a contract, click the Purchase symbol to purchase the Agent of your choice.
  • It’s worth noting that each Valorant Agent costs 1000 Valorant Points to acquire.

As previously stated, new Agents will be added to the game when a new Act is launched. Riot Games intends to keep releasing additional Agents in the FPS game in this manner in the future.

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How to Quickly Unlock All of Valorant’s Agents

The quickest method to unlock all of Valorant’s Agents is to pay for them yourself. However, at the time of publication, the game has 14 agents available, with more on the way.

You’ll have to play the game if you don’t want to spend $120 to unlock all of the agents, excluding the two you receive for free.

The XP you earn while playing is used to unlock Agents. If you want to unlock your agents as quickly as possible, strive to complete as many Daily Challenges as you can and prepare for hard grinding sessions. Keep in mind that ordinary missions seldom provide more than 5,000 XP every game, so you’ll want to mix them with Challenges to get the most out of each game session.

Get Access by Paying Some Money

You can unlock agents in Valorant considerably more quickly if you pay for them, as the phrase suggests. Purchasing Valorant points through in-game microtransactions is the way to accomplish this goal. 200 points equal at one level – and it cost $2. To put it another way, the price to unlock a Valorant agent will be close to ten dollars, or the currency equivalent in your region. It should come as no surprise that purchasing agents rather than grinding for experience, which can take a great deal of time, is a substantially faster option. You can unlock any character you want by grinding the game and paying for higher ranks if you are willing to spend money. This will get you to tier 5 faster than grinding the game alone.

Now since the majority of people want to play the game for free, you should use the tips that were presented above to unlock the agents more quickly. But there are ways to pay less to unlock agents, so if you are truly not interested in wasting an excessive amount of time or money, there are options available to you.

How to Freely Unlock Valorant Agents

Simply grinding through the game for experience is the only way to unlock agents at no cost. On the page that displays your collection, you have the ability to activate a contract for each agent and eventually recruit them. You will need to select the contracts for the agent whose full potential you want to unleash, and then play through those contracts. There are ten levels available for each agent, and in order to unlock a character, you will need to get to level 5.

This process can be time-consuming, as any Valorant agents guide will tell you, so make sure to focus on the characters that you are genuinely interested in. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time on an agency that you don’t even like! To unlock a new character, you will need to accumulate a total of 375,000 experience points on any one character you want to unlock before you may unlock a new character. That’s a significant amount of scrubbing to be done. Focusing on daily challenges in Valorant is recommended if you want to unlock agents as quickly as possible because each of these challenges will award you with more than 5,000 experience points. When you combine these challenges with the standard ones, you can maximise the number of points you get.

The process should be sped up by the following three steps, which are as follows:

  1. Take part in Normal Games and direct your attention on achieving the daily quest objectives.
  1. Playing Deathmatch and Spike Rush might earn you more XP per hour than competing in Normal or Ranked Games.
  1. Before attempting to unlock all 10 levels, you must first bring all agents to level 5.

Here’s a tip for lowering Agent unlock expenses

You should be able to level up each agent quickly enough to at least reach the first, second, or third level quite soon. You can now switch to a different agent and continue the procedure with them rather than spending time grinding your way through stages four and five. When you have unlocked all of the levels 2 and 3 of all of the agents you want to unlock, you will be able to pay for the remaining levels of unlocking for half or less of the original investment it would take you to do so.

Facts about valorant

  • The Valorant Protocol’s founders

Brimstone and Viper were two of the Valorant Protocol’s founding members, helping to establish the present organisation. Despite being a founding member of the Valorant Protocol with Brimstone, Viper is not a part of the organization’s leadership. Sage, on the other hand, is Brimstone’s second-in-command.

  • Scrapped Agents

Shatter, Joules, and Crusader were the three Valorant agents that were discarded. Killjoy’s Lockdown, Sova’s Owl Drone, and Jett’s Tailwind were Joules’ abilities. Crusader was updated multiple times before becoming Breach.

  • Before Valorant, the lives of the agents were much different.

Jett worked as a chef at a restaurant in Seoul before joining the Valorant Protocol. Viper’s true name is Sabine, and she used to be a doctor. Phoenix was expelled from his high school after setting a building on fire.

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  • Famous voice actors appear in Valorant.

Ashly Burch, who plays Viper’s voice, is a well-known character in the gaming community. For her performances as Chloe Price in Life is Strange and Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, she has received two Golden Joystick Awards for Best Performance.

Brimstone has the same voice actor as Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero and Wolverine. With around 150 titles under his belt, Steve Blum is one of the most prolific voice performers in gaming.

Breach is Swedish, while David Menkin, his voice actor, is Norwegian. Menkin has also provided vocal work for Magnus in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Malos in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Captain Joseph Brady in Battlefield 3.

Shannon Williams, Jett’s voice actress, is a well-known K-Pop singer.

  • Outside of Valorant, agents have interests.

Killjoy, according to Valorant’s narrative team, is a League of Legends player. Who she is, though, remains a mystery. Omen, one of Valorant’s most enigmatic Agents, enjoys knitting. KAY/hobbies O’s are more technological in nature, and he is a master of pool hall games.


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