Unlimited Diamonds & coins in Free Fire

Are you among those people who are desperately looking for free diamond and unlimited coins in Free Fire? Then I can say you have landed in the perfect place here I am going to suggest some popular methods and hacks obtain so. Free fire is one the most popular game which has around 500 million+ download from play store which makes it a good preference among the people. According to my knowledge most of the people who prefer playing games mostly search for good graphics which is, of course, top-notch then believe me Garena free fire. This is one of the best ultimate survival shooting game preferred by most of the real gamers out there. In this game, the player is been dropped on a remote island from a parachute and then there the player needs to survive for their life.

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Free fire comes in the list of world most popular games survival shooting games. There is quite a crowd which are crazy about this game, and that’s the reason the excitement is never reduced out there. The game has acquired quite a popularity in the past few years and the main reason behind this the new updates made by the developers that are enhancing its features. The game purchase section comes out which add-ons to give an advance look to the game. Apart from this, the diamonds can be used to purchase the in-game section full of new advanced features being introduced. There are hacks available to get diamond for free which is, of course, a nice trick to use in for the game. By the way, the game looks, I can say it’s not easy for sure there is, of course, the reason behind that on an island you are been dropped and there are around 49 other players out there fighting for their survival. In this, you need to fight with all other players by saving your health. The most interesting thing about this game is that you are provided only with a single parachute so it’s of course up to you to choose your starting point. The game is somewhat like PUBG at the first thought but yes, the features out there are less prominent for sure. In simple words its cheaper version of PUBG for the starting.

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There is some legit method to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

#1. Free fire Membership method (Weekly):

This method is considered as one of the best method available to get diamonds on daily basis. Firstly, you need to subscribe to it and then you will be getting around 60 diamond daily in 7 days a week. The weekly membership will offer you about 420 Diamond in weekly membership. The cost of weekly membership is quite affordable at about 149 rupees. There are surveys available which say that you would get this weekly premium without even spending a penny.

The steps to get weekly premium are listed below:

  1. Open the Garena Free fire game
  2. Go to the premium option available in the settings
  3. Click on the purchase button and then do the payment
  4. The premium membership will be activated at the same time

#2. Online Survey method:

There are so many sites available out there in which online survey is enabled and these sites provide you money to complete their survey. Some of such sites are Crownit and Google task mate. These are considered as the best sites available. These sites pay you real money and there are options to get diamonds for free fire game too in place of the fee they pay. The procedure is quite simple to follow the link od the survey from Crownit is shared with you and you need to take it on daily basis. The survey will pay you from 50 to 500 rupees on successful completion. On the Google task mate also, the money can be earned just by doing a small task. The money then can directly be transfer to the bank using a different wallet option or by choosing direct transfer.

#3. Play store Promotional offer:

There are times when google play store offers promotional codes, offer and even coupons to avail offers on different premium apps to get it for free. There is such offer even made of free fire game to get unlimited diamonds for free. This offer is only for a short duration of time and also for limited members on first come first serve basis. One can check regularly on the play store to be available on time. It the offer is got up by then avail it and get the diamond absolutely for free.

The steps to check the promotional offer on the google play store:

  1. Open Google play store
  2. Take care that you are logged in with our account
  3. Click on the three dots on the right-hand side on the navigation menu
  4. Tap on the notification option available and there you can see the offers present
  5. It the offer is still available click on it to claim it.
  6. To activate the offer, open the game and select the top-up diamond option
  7. The payment option arrives in no time there you can see the promotional offer being applied
  8. Complete the payment by using the code and enjoy your game


The above-listed methods will help you gain diamonds for free. If you are a pro player then there are many other options available too. I hope this helps. Happy gaming

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