Types of Cyber Security Attacks

Types of Cyber Security Attacks

There are so many types of cybersecurity types. All these types are they can be termed as ways that are used to prevent all the types of threat. This mainly prevents stolen or assaulted data. For this, there is a requirement of proper knowledge about all the threats that can take place to the data such as viruses and other malicious code. To most of the surprise, there are many organizations which are recently facing a lot of trouble with all there their data in a hard time of the pandemic. Also, do most of their task is now transferred from the offline mode to the online mode which is sure more sudden as well dramatic. In these times it’s hard to keep the business as usual as it was before. Previously the security was only with all the employees but now the things are upside down. Adapting to this new of working is quite challenging for most of the companies.

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In the remote work environment, some cybercriminals attack directly on the organization’s information and to the defence, there is absolutely nothing possible. The people must first of all be able to understand all these cyber threats then only can come up with proper plans to solve it. This will make the cable of detecting, preventing as well as remediating all the types of attacks. Cyber attackers nowadays are coming up with great innovation through which they target to attack an organization. These attacks can be different each time so it is not possible to observe a pattern within that. Some of these attacks are mentioned below. This will help you to understand them initially. Let’s see them one by one.  

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#1. Ransomware:

This is one of the methods used by cyber attackers. This is a malware particularly designed to use the technique of encryption so that the target can be forced to pay the ransom demand of the attacker. Once this malware can get on your system then it will encrypt all the important file including the payment details in the exchange of the decryption key. As we know the modern encryption techniques can’t be broken so there are only two things possible either we recover all the encrypted files by restoring from the backup which is been made available or pay the ransom money to get all the files back from the attacker. This malware in present times has become quite popular among most of the attackers. Also, in the pandemic, such resources were increased to be targeted as various new people were working first time with a lot of online technology.

#2. Malware:

Just now we learnt about the ransomware which is one type of malware. But that is not the end as there are various other types of malware present in the cyber world. There can be some which we are already aware of but there would even be so many more that we haven’t heard about since now. Malware can have various forms and can even be used for different objectives. This can design even from collecting or sealing any kind of sensitive data to showing unwanted ads that can even cause permanent damage to the device in use and then wash off all the data at once. Apart from this, there is so many malware I would like to highlight such as:

  1. Crypto miners: This malware uses the user’s computer information about the cryptocurrency and then the attacker makes the profit out of this.
  2. Mobile malware: This malware mainly targets the user’s mobile including all the apps, chats, calls as well the normal messages. 
  3. Botnet malware: this malware infects the device and adds it to all the illegal activities.
  4. Info stealers: this malware collects all type of sensitive information from the device and then send it to the malware operator.

#3. Fireless attack:

The third attack that we are going to talk about is known as the fireless attack. As we know there are several antiviruses designed that is used to detect various malware on the device by checking different files on the device which are having some malicious content. The fireless attack takes place through these files as they can corrupt the actual file and then the user is not able to open the file after many possible attempts. Also, most of these files are harmful to the system. So many objectives are already planned by the cyber attacker when they corrupt these files present in our systems.

#4. Phishing:

This is considered as one the most common way that is used by the attackers to gain the access to the targeted system. Often this method is easy to trick the users as just by clicking on a malicious link or image to open it can simply able to locate as well destroy the user’s vulnerability successfully without even making him or her aware of this. This is the smartest way to get inside an organizations data centre and then steal the sensitive information been present.  This method of phishing can achieve a variety of goals such as credential theft, malware delivery, financial fraud and also the theft of the financial data.


There are various techniques through which these attacks can be stopped. I hope the article was a little bit of help for all the readers.


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