How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Installed Tracking App.

Have you lost your Android phone or tablet without having a device monitoring app mounted ? At that point you ought to peruse this! This could be your opportunity to recover your valuable gadget.

You’re having a night out. With supper down the incubate, you’re strolling down the road with your sweetheart to the following goal. You venture into your pocket to haul out your smartphone, when that inclination hits the pit of your stomach: your android phone is absent. Did you abandon it at the eatery? Or, on the other hand perhaps at of me? Did somebody take it? Your mind races. You have no clue.

Apple clients have “Discover My iPhone”, however is there a “Discover My Android” work for Google people? Luckily, there is: it’s called Android Device Manager, and with it, you can track your phone so you can ideally get it back.

There are a modest bunch of telephone recuperation or against burglary applications on the Google Play Store which can be a lifeline on the off chance that you lose your telephone or, surprisingly more dreadful, it gets stolen. Yet, many individuals may just understand that there are such applications After it got lost or stolen. At that point it more often than not is past the point of no return and you need to confront the terrible truth that the phone is away for good.

How to track your Android phone or tablet after it got lost or stolen

In any case, don’t blast out in tears right now. There’s still seek after your telephone to discover its way back to you! There are a couple approaches to remote control and track your telephone regardless of the possibility that you haven’t introduced a recuperation application before it vanished.

Since we cover many methodologies and approaches to discover your Android gadget, we needed to make it easier for you to explore and incorporate connection that immediate you to the part you need to peruse first:

1. Track your lost Android with Android Device Manager or Google Find My Device


Your gadget is associated with your Google account.

Your gadget approaches the web.

Permitted ADM to bolt your gadget and eradicate its information.

Permitted Android Device Manager (ADM) to find your gadget (turned on as a matter of course). This can changed in the Google Settings application.

Android Device Manager (likewise called Google Find My Device) is Google’s authentic and simple to-utilize apparatus to track your Android phone or tablet. You don’t have to introduce an application to have the capacity to track your gadgets. The main prerequisite is that your gadget is associated with your Google account, turned on and associated with the web. You should simply visit the Android Device Manager while being signed into your Google Account. Once the site is stacked it will naturally attempt to find your phone. On the off chance that you have many Android phones enrolled, ensure the correct one is picked in the dropdown menu.

In a current refresh, Google executed some of ADM’s elements into their indexed lists page. This implies you’re ready to rapidly find any enlisted Android gadget appropriate from the indexed lists. By utilizing the search query “where is my telephone”, Google shows a little guide over the list items in which it will attempt to discover your telephone. When discovered, you can give it a chance to ring by tapping on “Ring” at the base left.

In spite of the fact that this makes it more advantageous to discover your telephone rapidly, it won’t offer all of you the alternatives you get with the full form of Android Device Manager.

Utilizing ADM, you can track your enrolled Android gadgets, let your telephone ring and wipe your telephone’s information (which must be empowered physically). Other than that, ADM doesn’t offer more choices to remote control your telephone. I trust that Google continues enhancing it and presents more supportive components, for example, taking pictures on the off chance that it got stolen and you need to take a preview of the individual who took it.

On the off chance that there’s no portable workstation around when you lose your gadget, you can likewise utilize another person’s Android telephone to track it. Rather than utilizing the versatile program, you can likewise utilize the Android Device Manager application. In the event that you the other telephone doesn’t have it, essentially download it here. You can sign in utilizing the visitor mode and your Google account certifications. Presently you ought to have the capacity to track your lost gadget, let it ring or wipe its information.

It is safe to say that you are not ready to find your telephone along these lines? This can occur for a few reasons. The one you ought to seek after, is that your gadget is essentially not associated with the web or killed. All things considered, basically continue attempting to track it until it (ideally) interfaces with Google’s administrations once more.

In the event that it got stolen, it’s conceivable that the cheat has disconneced your gadget from your Google Account. In the event that that happens, neither Android Device Manager nor whatever other following apparatus will have the capacity to find the gadget, since it’s important to be signed into your Google Account. This doesn’t have any significant bearing to already introduced following applications yet in this situation there are none on the telephone. In any case, there’s one final resort yet more on that later.

2. Use Google Location History – (Timeline)– to track your stolen Android phone (even if it’s turned off)


Your gadget is associated with your Google account.

Your gadget approaches the web.

Area Reporting and Location History should be actuated on your gadget (should be possible in the Google Settings application on your gadget).

Refresh: Google totally upgraded the interface and client experience of its Location History device, including giving it another name – Your Timeline. The concentration of Timeline is to enable you to monitor the spots you went by. Prior to the refresh, you could just observe dabs on a guide. Presently, Your Timeline really demonstrates to you the names of the spots you had been to (e.g. air terminals, bistros, bars … ). On account of the better naming of your past recorded areas, finding a lost telephone has turned out to be considerably simpler. Continue perusing to figure out how Your Timeline can enable you to recover your telephone.

Not at all like the Android Device Manager, doesn’t the Timeline highlight of Google Maps concentrate on finding a lost phone. You can utilize your area information for a wide range of things, for example, gazing upward past travel courses or the previous evening’s bar slither visit. Notwithstanding, it is additionally a decent approach to find your lost phone.

This is what you have to do…

Go to the Your Timeline (previous Google Maps Location History) and ensure the present day is chosen in the timetable. On the left sidebar, you can see a total course of events of that day including the names every single recorded area. On the right, you can see every one of the areas imagined on a guide.

Other than Android Device Manager, which additionally utilizes GPS for following, Your Timeline just uses cell tower IDs and Wi-Fi area recognition to gather area information. This implies the precision can fluctuate fundamentally.

Anyway, in what manner can this instrument enable you in case you’re to telephone’s battery is unfilled? Indeed, before your telephone passed on, Google may have spared its present area. That implies that you may have the capacity to discover it utilizing the last detailed position in your area history.

The upside of Timeline is the capacity to track your telephone’s area much of the time over some stretch of time. In the event that somebody stole it, you could make out frequently went to spots, which could be the cheat’s home or work environment. That may help you and the experts to get the individual.

I prescribe experimenting with the Android Device Manager or Android Lost to begin with, since they’re ready to utilize your gadget’s GPS and offer other helpful components.

3. Use Samsung’s Find My Mobile to find your lost phone


Your gadget approaches the web.

You need a Samsung account and your gadget enlisted with it.

Observe my portable should be set up on your Samsung telephone (empowering remote controls).

In the event that you have a Samsung gadget, you may have the capacity to discover your telephone utilizing Samsung’s own particular following administration ‘Locate my versatile’. For this to work, you require a Samsung account and enrolled your gadget before you lost it. So attempt to recall in the event that you did that.

You did? Magnificent. Head over and sign into the Find my versatile site. Check the left sidebar and ensure that your gadget is associated with your record. Presently, you should simply choosing ‘Find my gadget’ in the sidebar and tap on the find catch. On the off chance that your gadget is on the web and remote controls is empowered, you ought to see its rough area. Locate my portable likewise enables you to do different things, for example, bolting your gadget, giving it a chance to ring with a message and wiping its information.

4. Use Google Photos to find your lost Android phone


Your gadget approaches the web.

Empowered ‘Reinforcement and Sync’ choice in Google Photos.

Somebody needs to bring pictures with your lost gadget.

On the off chance that your gadget really got stolen, you may have the capacity to discover it utilizing the reinforcement and match up highlight of Google Photos. On the off chance that you initiated this choice in the application, at that point all pictures brought with your telephone will be transferred to your Google Photos account. Why is that uplifting news? All things considered the picture as well as the area where it was taken is transferred. Thus, on the off chance that the hoodlum didn’t log out of your Google Account and gone for the camera on your telephone, there may be some new pictures flying up in Google Photos. Clearly, this lone works in case you’re telephone has a dynamic web association and on the off chance that you gave your photographs application the consent to utilize your area. It would be ideal if you be cautious in the event that you can distinguish the area of your telephone, which might just be the personal residence of the cheat. Try not to attempt to discover it yourself! Utilize that data and call your neighborhood experts to take it from that point.

Expecting every one of those prerequisites are met, what do you have to do? Here it is, well ordered:

Visit and sign in utilizing your Google Account in which your Android gadget is signed into.

Check if any photos were taken after your gadget was stolen.

In the event that yes, at that point tap on the picture.

Presently, tap on the information symbol on the upper right corner.

In the showing up sidebar you can now observe the picture’s data including the found where it was taken.

5. Track your stolen smartphone with Android Lost


Your gadget is associated with your Google account.

Your gadget approaches the web.

You’re not running Android 3.0 or higher.

This is a more convoluted approach to track your telephone. Fundamentally, you have to introduce the following application ‘Android Lost’ on your telephone and initiate it by sending it a SMS (this should be possible from any telephone). How would you introduce something when you don’t have your telephone with you? That is simple. You can introduce any application on all your enrolled gadgets straightforwardly from your program through the Google Play site. Just explore to the Android Lost application and tap the introduce catch.

The remote establishment procedure of Android Lost is extremely clear and just requires that your telephone is as yet associated with your Google account. Be that as it may, in the event of robbery, you need to expectation that the hoodlum doesn’t disengage from your record.

So this is what to do:

Step 1: Install Android Lost remotely

Introduce the Android Lost application remotely through Google Play in your program and it will be introduced on your telephone remotely. As of now specified, your telephone still should be associated with your Google account. Something else, this won’t work.

Step 2: Activate Android Lost (not chipping away at Android 3.0+)

In the event that you are still in the ownership of your cell phone or tablet then you should simply beginning the application. In any case, this is, clearly, likely not the case on the off chance that you lost your telephone. Along these lines, to enlist your gadget remotely, send a SMS with the content “androidlost enlist” to your telephone. This SMS can be sent from any telephone. This will trigger Android Lost to enroll itself utilizing your Google account qualifications.

In the event that you possess a tablet, SMS won’t not be an alternative. All things considered, introduce “AndroidLost Jumpstart” before you introduce the genuine Android Lost application. It will kick off the enlistment procedure when Android Lost is being introduced.

Step 3: Log into the Android Lost site

Visit the Android Lost site and sign in utilizing your Google account. In the wake of doing that, you ought to approach all remote control components, for example, the accompanying:

Read the most recent SMS on your telephone

Constrain your telephone to play a boisterous alert with a blazing screen. Culminate on the off chance that you lost your gadget.

  • Get the area of your gadget
  • Bolt and open your telephone

Wipe your whole telephone so no private information falls into the wrong hands

Delete the SD card

Utilize the camera to make pictures (front or back camera) to get a pleasant shot of the decent individual who took your gadget.

… here’s the entire component list

Take note of that it can take a while for the enlistment procedure to finish.

Android Lost is an extraordinary instrument to recover your telephone

I need to state that having the likelihood to introduce and enroll this apparatus remotely makes it capable on the off chance that you lose your gadget. Sadly, The main negative thing I encountered is that the warning of another application called ‘Android Lost’ could enlighten a potential criminal regarding what’s happening. Lamentably, initiating Android Lost is just conceivable on Android Versions more established than 3.0.

Here is an example of overcoming adversity of a father pursuing down the man who stole his girl’s telephone with the assistance of Android Lost.

6. for devices running Android 2.0 – 2.3


Your gadget is associated with your Google account.

Your gadget approaches the web.

On the off chance that Android Lost is not working out for you and you’re telephone is as yet running a more established form of Android (2.0 up to 2.3) you could try Plan B from Lockout out. Introduce the application straightforwardly from the Play Store (Link) to your gadget and, if fruitful, Plan B will send your gadget’s area to your Gmail address. It will send you a mail at regular intervals with the present area. You can likewise utilize some other telephone to send a SMS with “situate” to your telephone to get the area by means of mail.

As of now specified, Plan B just works with gadgets on Android 2.0-2.3, so it won’t work with generally gadgets. Additionally, the application hasn’t been refreshed in a while, so I can’t ensure that it will work.

7. Use Dropbox to find your lost phone (Android &iOS)


Your gadget approaches the web.

Initiated “Camera Upload” in your Dropbox application.

Somebody needs to bring pictures with your lost gadget.

Dropbox can be your final resort if all different methodologies don’t present to you any nearer to discovering your telephone. For this to work, nonetheless, Dropbox should be introduced on your telephone and the “Camera Upload” highlight must be actuated. Along these lines, each time your telephone’s hoodlum takes a photo, it naturally gets transferred to your Dropbox “Camera Uploads” envelope. In this way, on the off chance that he or she takes a decent selfie you may have the capacity to recognize the criminal. What’s more, in case you’re fortunate, you can make out the area by taking a gander at the foundation of the transferred pictures.

Ought to that be unthinkable, essentially begin a blog and demonstrate the world every one of the photos your hoodlum has taken. There’s one entertaining tumblr page sharing pictures of Hafid, the person who stole the telephone of the blog’s proprietor.

Up until now, that is the main way Dropbox can help you. Dropbox doesn’t give you the IP address of cell phones which are associated with your Dropbox account. This is workable for Desktop PCs and portable workstations as of not long ago.

I trust you are perusing this quite recently out of unadulterated intrigue and not on the grounds that you lost your telephone! Be that as it may, if that is truly the case, I genuinely trust that this article will enable you to track it down. In any case, I suggest introducing a decent following application BEFORE your telephone vanishes. An application I suggest is Cerberus, which is accessible on Google Play.

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