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For a long time now, PUBG Mobile has already been prohibited in India. However, there is no shortage of rumors regarding the game’s potential resurrection in collaboration with an Indian publisher that pops up from time to time. As a consequence, Indian users may no longer download the hugely popular game from official mobile app shops. But it would be totally legal for all of you to keep playing PUBG Mobile if you are currently residing outside of India. You may be hoping to enjoy the comfort and ease of playing a shooting game with a keyboard and mouse, just like you would with a PC game.

All you need to do to obtain that while playing PUBG is install an emulator on your PC. Simply put, an emulator operates a virtual machine on your computer. On your PC, it mimics the setup of an Android smartphone. This enables you to play Android games and other games on your PC without having a highly powerful setup. The ability to play with a keyboard and mouse while using an emulator is particularly crucial since it might make it simpler for you to get the desired Chicken Dinners in the play.

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Best pubg mobile emulators are:

  1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

Contrary to Pokemon Go, which explicitly forbade the use of PC emulators, PUBG does permit the usage of these programs. In reality, Tencent Gaming Buddy, an official PC emulator, is available. You receive personalized screen layouts and simple keyboard shortcuts thanks to the tools Tencent Gaming, PUBG Corp’s international marketer, built and provided. Since PUBG Mobile is already pre-installed, this emulator is officially supported by Tencent. Other Tencent games are also included in the emulator. Additionally, the UI is clean and simple to use. We think that this is most likely the best PC emulator for desktop PUBG Mobile gaming.

  1. BlueStacks

One of the first and most well-known emulators in the video game industry is BlueStacks. Bluestacks has produced several software updates and patches throughout the years. With the assistance of DirectX and the system graphics, the emulator also can run any high-end Android game without stuttering.

In terms of usability, BlueStacks Emulator for PC is a relatively straightforward programme. From the software’s official website, it may be downloaded. Players may use their Gmail account credentials to log in to Google Play after installation.

Players must look for and download PUBG Mobile on the Play Store when the setup is complete. They may then download PUBG Mobile and sign in using a Google Play Games, Facebook, or Twitter account to start playing the game.

  1. Android Studio

The official desktop emulator for the Android operating system from Google is called Android Studio. It is mainly intended for use by developers to try out beta application builds on different Android phone settings. Because of this, Android Studio is really more appropriate for experienced users. But because of its adaptability, it is also the most potent Android emulator on the market. You may choose the precise Android version to use, the screen resolution, and other options. After that, you may download PUBG Mobile by signing up with a Google account. Although the installation and finer settings are a little challenging, you do have more control over how PUBG Mobile running on The android Studio on your PC will seem.

  1. MEmu Player

Players with PCs with lower hardware requirements may use the MEmu Player. MEmu Player does not need a graphics card to work on laptops with 4Gb ram or less.

The emulator will make use of the dedicated graphics card on the player’s computer or laptop to improve the visuals.

The most fundamental options, such as key binding and mapping, are included with the MEmu Player emulator for PC and will immediately optimize the PUBG Mobile games on your computer.

  1. Samsung Link To Windows

This one has a relatively constrained reach, but it has the potential to develop in theory to a vast user ecology. Users of the Note20 are the only ones who can currently utilize Samsung’s Link to Windows. In the next few days, it is anticipated that it will reach more consumers. This allows you to play a game on your PC while having the benefit of utilizing a physical examination keyboard and mouse combo, even if the game is really running on your Samsung smartphone. One of the most straightforward methods for enjoying PUBG Mobile on a desktop interface is Samsung Link for Windows.

  1. NOX Player

Nox Player is a simple, highly-customizable android emulator. Its user-friendly UI and keyboard controls make gaming simple. Change screen resolution, graphics parameters, RAM, and CPU speed. This emulator gives you more gameplay control. So you may customize your PUBG mobile experience. Even a machine without strong hardware may give seamless gaming with modest settings. This emulator has no ads, so you won’t be harassed by pop-ups.

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Nox Player is a Windows and Mac Android emulator. This emulator lets players play smartphone games on a PC.

It offers an excellent keyboard interface and PUBG Mobile optimization. Users may capture screenshots, create screencasts, and submit games from the Google Playstore.

After downloading the emulator, users must log in to Google Play to access PUBG Mobile. You may install the game after you discover it.

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