Top Minecraft Survival Servers in 2022

Top Minecraft Survival Servers in 2022

A survey of 2,000 Minecraft players has found that the game’s survival servers are most popular with children, but parents are playing them too.

As the world’s largest and most successful sandbox game, millions of people play Minecraft daily. However, not many of those millions know that dozens of hardcore survival servers are running 24/7. Players pay real money to improve their survival chances (not just building) in this wild and dangerous world.

These top-ranked survival servers will be the most heavily trafficked and most played in the entire game within just a few years. And the people who run them have made some of the most advanced and expensive server optimizations anyone has ever seen. So don’t miss out—get yourself a copy of this report before everyone else!

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Here’s a list of the five most played top Minecraft survival servers from last year, plus a few predictions for this year.


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There are a lot of Minecraft servers out there. However, this is one of the best. Why? It was created by a small group of people who live in San Diego, California. Also, the people who run this server have added many useful features. One of these features is that they have put a lot of thought into the game itself. Another is that they have worked hard to make the server safe and secure. Another is that they offer an excellent support system.

Another reason this server is significant is that it has over 10,000 registered users. This means that the server gets about 500-1,000 new players every day. This is a tremendous amount of players for such a small server. Also, all of these players are active and playing the game.

This server has friendly and hostile factions. The factions are represented in different colours. The red section is the “Vorens”, primarily negative. The blue coalition is the “Nephilim”, mostly friendly. There is also a grey faction that is neither friendly nor hostile. This means that you should watch out for aggressive players because they are the ones who will attack you. On the other hand, familiar players will help you if you are in trouble.

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Mineplex survival servers are an excellent way for people to get into the Minecraft world, but many of them never make it past the “hanging out” stage. That’s because they don’t know how to play the game. When they first fire up Minecraft, most people wander around until they hit a wall or something else they can’t scale or dig through. 

The first thing a player needs to learn is how to build an efficient shelter. Then they need to learn how to craft the materials necessary to create tools to help them accomplish tasks in the world. 

MINEPLEX teaches players to efficiently build shelters and craft valuable tools using an entertaining and easy-to-follow step-by-step method. Once players master these skills, they have the option of joining one of the many MINEPLEX survival servers that are hosted daily. 

These servers are perfect for people who want to get into the survival aspect of the game but aren’t ready for hardcore survival yet.

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Here’s what you can expect from Herobrine survival servers: “You start on a new server, with no items and a simple goal: make money.” Once you get your first $5, you can buy your first item, which will help you survive better on the server. The best part about Herobrine survival servers? You can play at any time of day or night! The server is open 24/7, and you can start playing at any point. You can also earn more money by buying better gear or buying items from other players.

There are three different ways you can make money on a Herobrine survival server. The first way is to sell your items to other players. You can do this by using the in-game mail. The second way is to sell your items to other players through the auction house. The third way is to spam trade. Spam trading is when you make an offer to buy an item from a player and then make another offer to sell that same item to him at a much higher price. This works because he doesn’t want to lose the thing, and since he can’t trade with anyone but you, he has to sell it to you at a low price.

These are great ways to make money, but they can also be dangerous. You never know who will be on the server at any given time. It could be a griefer with no sense of humour, or maybe a nice person who wants to have some fun. You should only use these three methods to make money when playing with people you know and trust. Trust is essential. It would help if you tried to make money so that it does not cause problems for other people, especially when you are doing it on a public server.


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Applecraft Minecraft Survival servers are designed to help you get the most out of the game without getting frustrated. These servers come in two types, standard and premium. The premium servers offer players much more power and features than the standard ones. In addition, the server admins have added a lot of extra features to the game to ensure that the experience for the players is excellent.

Standard Minecraft Survival servers are free to play. However, the players on those servers can only access a certain number of commands. For example, if there are 100 players on the server, then those players will have access to about 950 different authorities. On the other hand, premium Minecraft survival servers give the players unlimited access to all the commands. This means that the players will access more than 10,000 different commands. The premium servers are designed to help you get the most out of the game. They do this by allowing you to run the game at maximum settings, which generally would cause you to get frustrated very fast.

On these servers, the settings are controlled by the server admins. Depending on your skill level, the admins can make the game easier or more challenging for you. If you are a beginner, the server admins will make the game easy. But, if you are an advanced player, they will make the game hard for you. They will adjust the settings as you play to be challenged constantly. The admins don’t just change the settings randomly. They will vary them based on how well you are playing.

The admins also add new features to the game to ensure a great experience. For example, they will automatically place Redstone torches on the ground around the edges of the maps.


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The Earth MC Minecraft server provides players with an immersive experience in a completely safe environment. Players can choose from a wide variety of character classes, such as Warriors, Mages, Runemakers, and Hunters, and each style has its unique skills. There are also many weapons and armour to be found in the game. For example, the Hunters can use bows, swords, and spears, while the Runemakers can use different tools to create various spells and potions. Each player also has a unique house to call home, and there are more than 60 quests in the game.


The servers are constantly updated, and the player base grows every day. All of the features on this list are included in the main game. The servers also have various skins to help customize your experience. Players can play in one of many different modes. These include PVP (Player vs Player), PVE (Player vs Environment), PvE, and even survival mode. All of these will give you the chance to get a taste of what Minecraft is all about.


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