Top Minecraft Hacks

Become a Pro in Minecraft Mobile Game by Using these Hacks

Minecraft is one of the best mobile game that is played worldwide and people all around the world are looking to know some cool tips and tricks of minecraft. The minecraft hacks as discussed in this article are really cool and help you to win the game easily. Sometimes these minecrafts hacks may not work if the game admin update the game, but these minecraft hacks are tested and working perfectly in 2020-2021. So, below is the list of top minecraft hacks that you might enjoy!

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Top 9 Minecraft Hacks

#1.Breathe Underwater: 

This is a cool trick and minecraft hack that can be used by using the door tool. You can breathe even in underwater with the help of door tool.  You need to select it when you are underwater and it will create an air-bubble from which you can breathe out.

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#2. Dig Down Safely:

You should learn to digging whilst standing and mine it down. This way you can reach to the diamond level very quickly.

#3. Avoid Scary Guardians:

If you properly learn to walk around the post in minecraft, you can very well avoid the shots by the scary Guardians.

#4. Mow the Lawn:

If you simply put up the bucket of water down and then pick it up again, you can easily mow the lawn and even without using a lawn-mower.

#5.Custom Blocks Designing Tips:

One of the cool tips for minecraft hacks is to creating your own custom blocks without the need of any texture packs, but it should be within vanilla Java Minecraft! The process is although complex and more theoretical but it actually works. Adding or designing your own blocks in minecraft works as similar as the banners and shields work. All you need is to have some of the layers of which you can easily change color and the texture. After changing the color, you should lay the layers one after the other to create the new layer. You also need to have the monster spawner’s perview and hold couple of remodeled leather boot on it’s head & arms! In order to know how to do it, you can watch the video below:

#6. Invisibility Cloaks

Another superb trick in minecraft is to show a portal to a different dimension and in a very simple manner i.e. in a floating cobblestone platform.  This will hide the things in plain sight. This way minecraft will face lot of trouble in rendering the things which are transparent. One can add custom model of transparency that is in between 10% to 90%. Any object or entity that tries to passes behind it will vanish. Please watch the following video as how to do it:

#7.Adding a Custom Mud

Imagine if you could add custom bars on your screen and it will count up you mana supply or ammo count. Let’s see how it works. There are two ways you can do it in minecraft and both ways are creative and effective. The items available on your hotbar can be modified, changed, warped or scaled using the resource pack. If you properly morph, scale or warp them you can easily create a new HUD elements such as ammo displays, mana bars, thirst bars etc. Kindly go through the video below as how you can do it:

#8. Automatic Notifications and Messages in the Survival Mode

Another useful trick in the minecraft is the use of automated notifications and messages in the survival mode. Most of the players believed that there is no way by which they can receive alerts or notifications when something suspicious is happening. But there is a minecraft hack to do it by using the wolves and a skeleton. You will receive a chat notification if a tamed pet dies with the information that who killed it and what are the weapons used to kill it. So, if you give a skeleton a bow named with your own notifications, you are in a position to send automated chat messages. Watch the full video below as how to do it:

#9. Create an Icy Bridge

This is the last one trick in minecraft hacks and one of the logical ways by extending bridges across the water.  Using this minecraft hack, you can very well create a temporary icy bridge by using a quirk and the frost walker. You can activate the frost walker by placing it on the armor stand. This means you can create different devices that can freeze the water blocks immediately. Using this minecraft hack, you can create drawbridges for your friends. Watch the video below as how you can do it:

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